Fever of the child : 6 questions that all parents ask

How to properly take the temperature of my child ?

The rectal temperature is the reference method to obtain the most reliable information possible. We use an electronic thermometer with flexible stem, with a quick view, in less than ten seconds.

The fever is a dangerous symptom ?

No, the fever is essential and necessary ! It is a natural defense to “respect”, strongly indicates the paediatrician Dr. Spitz. Fever stimulates the immune response, most of the time in the face of a virus. After three to five days, the body produces antibodies and the fever disappears. However, having assessed the fever, it is necessary to carefully observe the child’s behavior and symptoms : check the attitude of the child, he has no digestive disorders, or even attention to his state of consciousness, for example.

Should we give drugs to children with fever ?

It is advisable to give a drug to a base of paracetamol from 38, 38.5. It is not a question of lower the temperature, but rather to ensure the comfort of the child.

What to do to relieve the child ?

He is made to drink the very water regularly. Dr. Spitz does not recommend to bathe the child in a warm bath, contrary to received ideas. The child must be comfortable, and should not be over-dressed.

When to consult ?

If the child is under three months and has a fever, we consult without to wait. In the case where the child is breathing badly, that he is vomiting, he had diarrhea that is profuse, the fever persists more than two days, or that he worried his parents by a unusual behavior, it is also necessary to contact a doctor. We will also consult with if, despite taking paracetamol, the child remains irritable, less responsive, that it exchange least, that he cries or moans : in addition to that her behaviour is disturbed.

Seizures related to fever are dangerous ?

Some children who have fever are frequently convulsions. If the seizure lasts less than five minutes, this is not dangerous. Seizures associated with fever do not disturb the neurological development. If the seizure lasts more than five minutes, we called the fire brigade or the emergency room. During the crisis, we place the child in lateral position of security.

*Thank you to the Dr. Christian Spitz, a pediatrician.

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