FIFA 19: David Meyler plays for Reading and Republic of Ireland but his YouTube gaming videos get millions of views

TO one generation of fans, David Meyler is perhaps best known for being headbutted by Alan Pardew.

To a new generation of fans, however, he is a massive name in the gaming world.

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Reading and Republic of Ireland midfielder surprisingly makes YouTube videos of him playing FIFA[/caption]

YouTube @DavidMeyler7

The 29-year-old say’s its only a hobby but his videos have brought in millions of views[/caption]

YouTube @DavidMeyler7

Across his social media platforms, Meyler has nearly 700,000 watching his video games content[/caption]

The 29-year-old, who joined Reading in the summer after six seasons with Hull City, commands almost 700,000 followers across his social media channels – with most tuning in to watch him play FIFA and other video games.

It’s well known that video games, especially FIFA, are loved by professional footballers.

The England squad racked up hundreds of hours to relaxing and passing the time on Fortnite during the World Cup.

Even the iconic Andrea Pirlo said in his autobiography that “after the wheel, the best invention is the PlayStation” and revealed he played FIFA to relax ahead of winning the 2006 World Cup final.

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To one generation of fans, Meyler is perhaps best known for being headbutted by Alan Pardew during a game[/caption]

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Then-Newcastle United boss Pardew was banned seven games and fined £100,000 for the incident[/caption]

David Meyler factfile

  • Started career at Cork City, before moving to Sunderland in 2008
  • Moved to Hull City, initially on loan, before completing a permanent move in January 2013
  • Played 191 matches in six seasons for the Tigers, scoring 19 goals
  • Won promotion to the Premier League twice and was relegated twice
  • Helped Hull reach the 2014 FA Cup final, scoring in the semi-final and starting in the final
  • Came on as a sub in the victorious 2016 Championship play-off final
  • Left Hull for Reading in the summer, where he has played five games this season
  • Has won 24 caps for Republic of Ireland

But Meyler is the only one posting videos of himself playing.

The Republic of Ireland midfielder, who has won 24 international caps, regularly gets hundreds of thousands of viewers on his YouTube videos.

He plays and commentating over games, while his ‘packing’ videos- opening packets that reveal new player – are wildly popular.

Meyler posts his videos from a bedroom in his house where a host of football memorabilia can be seen.

Despite the game not being out until Friday, Meyler already boasts a brilliant team – and won 43 of 47 matches over the weekend

YouTube: David Meyler

His YouTube page also has eye-catching thumbnails – here is Meyler with Brazilian legend Pele[/caption]

YouTube: David Meyler

A popular ‘packing’ video shows Meyler finding Luka Modric[/caption]

Sitting from his gaming chair, man of the match trophies can be seen on a shelf, while shirts from team-mates and opponents hang on a wall.

However, he’s now moved down to Berkshire from Hull and although his chair survived the move, so far the memorabilia has not found its way onto his wall.

Meyler, who plays on Xbox, even acted as an ambassador for EA Sports at E3 in Los Angeles – the biggest trade event in the video games industry, with 70,000 people attending.

He’s even earned a ‘Pro Card’ from EA.

Instagram @davidmeyler

Meyler was disappointed with his ranking on FIFA 18[/caption]

YouTube @DavidMeyler7

Meyler’s stats on the game can be a lot higher through his pro card[/caption]

When the company finds a player they know plays Ultimate Team, they give him a special card that only he can use.

Meyler’s stats on his Pro Card are maxed at 99 – making him better than Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

It’s an exclusive club he’s part of, with only 53 players getting it in FIFA 18.

Dele Alli, Adebayo Akinfenwa, Lewis Cook and Raheem Sterling all had the cards last year.

The cards are non-transferable and can’t be sold on the market, so if you come up against one in Ultimate team, chances are that you’re playing against that player.

Fans commenting on his channel always say that he’s better at FIFA than he is at real football.

Instagram @davidmeyler

Meyler gets lots of views from people watching him ‘packing’ – opening a packet to reveal new players for your Ultimate Team[/caption]

Instagram @davidmeyler

Meyler got a special silver plaque from YouTube when he reached 100,000 subscribers – he now has more than 300,000[/caption]

When he started, Meyler admits some of his team-mates weren’t so sure about his move into streaming.

He told the Irish Independent earlier this year: “When I started posting videos on YouTube, the lads were a bit like ‘what are you doing?’

“And then they saw the growth of my channel and how much people were actually interested in it.

“So then they were kinda like ‘fair play.’”

When asked if he was better on the game than in real life, he laughed: “some might say that.”

Meyler, who also posts videos and vlogs of himself playing Fortnite, is definitely no slouch on FIFA.

He boasted an impressive Ultimate Team last year and already – despite the game not being released until Friday – has a brilliant line-up this year.

Instagram @davidmeyler

Meyler was an ambassador for EA Sports at the E3 video games convention in Los Angeles earlier this year[/caption]

Meyler has some of the top players in the game, with George Best, Neymar, Sergio Ramos and Paul Pogba already in his team.

Over the weekend he a stunning won 43 of his 47 matches.

Earlier this year he went one better, going undefeated over a whole weekend, winning 40 matches out of 40, a feat that professional gamers struggle with.

Meyler said that he once had to play 27 matches in a row just to ensure he could keep Sunday plans with his wife.

He also revealed earlier this month that he had been close to quitting professional football after a personal tragedy.

“Most people are unaware of the fact that my wife had three miscarriages and it took its toll on me,” Meyler told the Hull Daily Mail.

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Meyler, second from top, playing in a joint game with pro gamer xShellz against FIFA 18 world champion Gorilla and Wilfried Zaha[/caption]

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Meyler has won 24 international caps for the Republic of Ireland[/caption]

“There’s no point beating around the bush, at one stage last season I wanted to finish with football.

“I’d had enough but Nigel was very good to me.

“I probably needed time away from football and that’s what he gave me.”

Despite his massive popularity online, Meyler insists his FIFA exploits are still just a hobby, even if he was close to retiring.

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Meyler moved to Reading this summer after almost retiring from football after his wife had three miscarriages[/caption]

Instagram @davidmeyler

Meyler won two promotions with Hull City and also played in the 2014 FA Cup final – a 3-2 defeat to Arsenal[/caption]

“I enjoy playing FIFA. It’s great fun,” he added.

“There’s 101 worse things I could be doing.

“It’s that million-dollar question of, if only we knew where we’d be in eight or nine years … I certainly don’t know what I’ll be doing.

“For me now, this is a hobby in my spare time.”


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