Floyd Mayweather once KO’d heavyweight with brutal body shot during a sparring session as training secrets are revealed

FLOYD MAYWEATHER once dropped a heavyweight in sparring after just 30 seconds with a body shot, it has been revealed.

The 43-year-old unbeaten ring legend was renowned for his intense training sessions that lasted hours and would even take place in the early hours of the morning.

Floyd Mayweather is said to have once dropped a heavyweight in sparring

Mayweather was a pioneer for HBO’s ’24/7′ and Showtime’s ‘All Access’ pre-fight shows that would follow fighters with unprecedented access to their preparation.

But the American would have one restriction – there could be no filming of his sparring sessions.

Former Mayweather training partner Dmitriy Salita, now a promoter, has lifted the lid on what went on during these secret spars, as he revealed the five-division champion once floored a cocksure heavyweight with ease.

Salita told EsNews: “We were at the gym just hanging out, it was after one of Floyd’s fights.

“This guy comes into the gym, a heavyweight and said, ‘I wanna get some boxing’ and he was just talking a lot of smack.

“There was no-one big enough to spar so Floyd was like, ‘Leonard [Ellerbe], get my stuff from the car’.

“Floyd got in the ring with him for 30 seconds and does his shoulder roll and block and just hits the guy with a body shot, and drops him, a heavyweight.”

Former sparring partner Salita revealed Mayweather would spar four-minute rounds, with just 15 SECONDS breaks in between.

Mayweather retired officially in 2017 after beating UFC star and ring debutant Conor McGregor, but did return for an exhibition bout against Japanese kickboxer Tension Nasukawa a year later.

Despite leaving the sport on a perfect 50-0 record, the former pay-per-view king announced last November that he was “coming out of retirement in 2020” to work with UFC boss Dana White.


Mayweather said he would “absolutely” be interested in rematching McGregor or fighting UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, but insisted he would not face a recognised boxer.

Despite the comeback talks and clips of him returning to training, the 43-year-old was hit with double tragedy as his former partner and mother to three of his kids Josie Harris died a week before his uncle and ex-trainer Roger passed away.

Mayweather then announced online his attention had switched to becoming a trainer, having been inspired by Roger, as he took his son Kouran and nephew Chris on the pads.


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