Flying the Nest, a new hotel concept ephemeral and nomadic

INNOVATION – These modules move according to the application, in order to offer a solution to green housing.

What is it ? These containers by sea in the raw wood assemble to develop a hotel is a temporary measure, in areas where shelter capacity is insufficient (festivals, sports competitions). Equipped with all the necessary comfort (quality bedding, private bathroom, terrace, wi-fi, each room is designed in materials, ecological painting, eco-label, LED lighting) and runs on green energy. The construction is fast enough : it is necessary to provide a half day of assembly and disassembly by block (with five rooms) for two and a half days of autonomy.

Which dreamed it ? After having launched a youth hostel new generation, Jo & Joe, the group AccorHotels (Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Ibis, Mama Shelter…) continues its quest for innovation to attempt to counter the competition, including Airbnb. To assist in this new project, it is associated with a start-up in lyon specialized in the processing of containers Capsa, and the French designer Ora-ïto, already behind the hotel Odyssey or the Yooma in Paris.

How much does it cost ? It would be nice to be able to give you the price of a room, but that depends on a lot of elements (the distance of the place of installation, number of containers ordered…) so that each hotel project the ephemeral, results in an estimate very specific. So far tested in sporting or cultural events sports (as in the 24 hours of le Mans), this innovative concept comes in phase of marketing professionals, before be available to individuals-current 2019. An idea to dig for you can stay friends at a wedding or a birthday in the countryside.

Flying the Nest, a project to discover until 29 July at the rencontres d’arles (park Workshops, Store-level power).


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