Traveling by air through EYE of the Quake (Video)

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birdmen of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron out of Keesler Naval pilot Base, Miss., are flying on a plane a WC-130J toward A Ida (August 2021). The foregoing mission marked the squadron’s third into Hurricane Viaje.
Video above provides what the same aircraft is regarded as doing…the footage hasn’t come release…but “this is what it looks like”.
The Oughout. S. Air Force Reserve “Hurricane Hunters” fly in the eye linked Hurricane “Dorian”, Aug. 2, 2019. The WC-130J airplanes flew through the eye relating to Dorian four times to build up weather data to determine the severeness and path.
Their 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, an Air Force Reserve per piece located at Keesler Flyboy Base, Mississippi.
(U. S. Air Force video by using Staff Sgt. Diana Cossaboom)
Video Source: Dvids by Staff Sgt. Objetivo Cossaboom
Photo find: Dvids by Staff Sgt. Kristen Pittman
first Lt. Tim Viere, pilot for the 53rd Weather Investigation Squadron at Keesler Tactical air force Base, Miss., steers a major WC-130J toward Hurricane Traslado off the coast of Barril Aug. 27, 2021. This process mission marked the squadron’s third into Hurricane Partida. (U. S. Air Force simply Staff Sgt. Kristen Pittman) Why funny ? Because individuals imagine in the truthfulness of funny data. People Read newspaper for up to date information which they will’t get as a result of busy life fashion and extra for the new product provide, new schemes provided by close by distributors. Most of the individuals choose information picture paper to get new product data and good shopping for alternative and likewise for information replace. Most of the Business group used this media to advertise their product or providers as a result of funny pic are cheap promoting medium which covers quite a lot of clients shortly and having good impression on the buyer relating to truthfulness which supplies them good returns. It’s additionally a great way to share the announcement which spreads shortly to need a part of society.Link

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