Focused Brooks Koepka denies girlfriend Jena Sims a kiss as he prepares for PGA Championship final round

FOCUSED Brooks Koepka was so in the zone ahead of the PGA Championship final round that he denied stunning girlfriend Jena Sims a good-luck kiss.

Cameras picked up the defending champ making his way to the course with model and actress Jena in tow.

Brooks Koepka was in no mood for a good-luck kiss from girlfriend Jena Sims

She went to put her arm around her fella only for him to knuckle-bump a friend nearby.

Jena then leans in for a smooch only for the three-time major champ to show no interest whatsoever, mouthing something in her direction.

The brunette beauty – who posed topless recently – folds her arms and walks ahead of Koepka as he stares at the floor.

Viewers watching the action were quick to pick up on the drama.

One fan said: “This woman got rejected on a kiss attempt and is p***ed!”

Another wrote: “Early lip out for Jena.”

A fellow user said: “@BKoepka is trying to win a major, step aside girl!”

Another viewer posted: “Looked like Brooks didn’t want to give his girlfriend a kiss there, was a bit awkward for she, she didn’t know what to do.”

One comment read: “Did he say ‘yeah that’s a no?’ Bruh she MAD mad after that.”

And another eagle-eyed fan wrote: “Guy isn’t messing around, says no thanks to Jena.”

Koepka takes a seven-shot lead into the final round of the season’s second major.

He is looking to defend the title he won last year and claim his fourth major after winning the two previous US Opens.

She also went to put her arm around her fella
Sims ended up walking ahead of Brooks as he made his way to the practise ground

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Come to Mama 😎🦈

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Running out of ocean puns.. oh whale 🙂

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