Foldable iPhone screen ‘should be ready in a couple of years’, Apple glass supplier reveals

A BENDABLE iPhone that you can fold into different shapes and sizes is officially on the cards.

That’s because a major Apple glass supplier has admitted it’s working on a new flexible product, hinting at possible Apple ambitions to build a folding gadget.

Foldable iPhone
Fan-made 3D renders of a foldable iPhone were posted online recently

Corning, which develops the Gorilla Glass screens used in both iPhones and iPads, said its bendy display should be ready by 2021.

That would put Apple a long way behind bitter rivals Huawei and Samsung.

Both firms wowed audiences when they separately unveiled high tech folding phones last month, dubbed the Mate X and Galaxy Fold respectively.

The problem with these devices is that they have plastic rather than glass displays, meaning they scratch easily and are prone to creasing.

Foldable iPhone
Rumours of a folding iPhone have been doing the rounds for months. Pictured is a fan render of how a bendable iPhone could shape up

Corning is aiming to one-up them using bendable glass, but the task ahead is far from easy.

“Glass today, the current choices out there, they’re not optimal” for folding smartphones, John Bayne, who heads up Corning’s Gorilla Glass business, told Wired.

“In a glass solution, you’re really challenging the laws of physics, in that to get a very tight bend radius you want to go thinner and thinner, but you also have to be able to survive a drop event and resist damage.”

Bayne said he expects the tech will be ready in a couple of years’ time, but gave no hints as to whether it would be included in the next iPhone.

Corning creates displays for lots of smartphone maker, so even if it succeeds in making folding glass, there’s no guarantee Apple will use it.

Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, rumours that Apple is developing its own folding smartphone have intensified.

Huawei Mate X
Huawei unveiled its foldable Mate X smartphone last week
The Sun

One smartphone industry watcher told us that Apple is secretly building a sci-fi bendable version of the iPhone that’s nearly ready to launch.

However, an expert told us yesterday that the iPhone 11, due for release in September, is unlikely to be bendable.

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