Former soldier is suing the Ministry of Defence after contracting a debilitating disease in Afghanistan

A SOLDIER was struck down by a debilitating disease in Afghanistan after the Ministry of Defence failed to give troops the right tablets, a court heard yesterday.

Wayne Bass, 34, suffers from chronic fatigue and needs a walking stick after contracting Q fever.

Wayne Bass now needs a walking stick
Wayne Bass now needs a walking stick to get around and suffers chronic fatigue and pain

He is suing the MoD for negligence because he was not given medication to prevent the disease.

Wayne says his life has been ruined by the Army’s failure to prescribe antibiotics that could have guarded him against infection.

Wayne, a former private with the Mercian Regiment, fell ill after returning home to Birmingham in May 2012.

He was diagnosed with Q fever, contracted by breathing in animal excrement particles.

Most sufferers experience flu like symptoms and recover quickly but rare cases are severe and cause permanent problems.

Wayne claims he has suffered permanent damage from the disease and was discharged from the Army in 2014.

Since then he has been unable to work and suffers from chronic fatigue, sweating, headaches, chest pains, dizziness, and blackouts.

Wayne, wearing his campaign medals, told central London county court: “I was in a bad way, a very bad way.”

His lawyer Theo Huckle QC said the MoD gave troops anti Malaria pills that tourists are advised to take but should have given them different ones that also protect against Q fever.

The MoD denies negligence. Hearing continues.

Wayne was diagnosed with Q Fever which is contracted from breathing in particles from animal excrement
Ray Collins – The Sun



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