Fort Boyard : the secret life of Mister Boo

In 2013, the solitude of Lady Boo has come to an end. “Fort Boyard” has found a partner to the height of the physical strength of the athletic woman of the issuance of France 2 in the person of Mister Boo. His bulging muscles were pale and more of a candidate, he has competed in various competitions over the years as the fight in the mud, the shooting range, or cotton swabs. Under his mask wrestler black and red, hides Cyril André, a Drômois of 32 years.





In an interview with the “Dauphiné” in 2013, this professional body builder told have been spotted by France 2 after his appearances in “So True” and “Angels of Reality tv” on NRJ12 in 2012. “Fort Boyard is a childhood dream. I have not been able to hope for it. It’s a great opportunity,” he said at the time, referring to his recruitment. He started bodybuilding there are more than 10 years, and to maintain his muscles character formidable in the Fort, he spends “a minimum of 10 hours of room” each week, he detailed in an interview on the official website of “Fort Boyard”.

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When he doesn’t give hard time to the candidates of the game of France Télévisions, or that he’s not training at the gym, Cyril André manages his store of dietary sports located in his home in Valencia, it has decided to appoint…Mister Boo Nutrition. A tribute to the character he embodies in the past five years.

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