Fresh or from a box : our recipes sardine for the summer

At the barbecue, in a salad, in a terrine, this summer we made the best of the sardines. Rich in omega 3, it is possible to sample the small fish freshly caught or in tin. Whatever it is, it is found in many preparations for summer. Discover our best recipes with sardines.

Dips, rillettes, terrine : in version cold for the entry or aperitif

Just thinking about it, you feel like already on vacation. Rillettes of sardines, spread on a slice of bread, smell good drink sun. And they are very easy to prepare. With sardines in boxes, the round is played in less than 20 minutes. Spice up your terrines, sardines, spices (such as curry), fresh herbs (dill) or lemon. We also like to enjoy them in a terrinewith summer vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes and/or olives.

The grilled sardines to the dish

To grill them on the plancha or on the grill, it is easier to use fresh sardines (they hold better than the canned sardines, which are soaked with oil, and therefore softer). Well think to empty it beforehand, or ask your fishmonger to do it for you.

For more taste, marinate sardines. In the summer, you will appreciate especially a marinade of fresh lemon, ginger or thyme. We particularly like the recipe for the marinade sardines grapefruit for a true effect of freshness on the plate. And to vary the presentation, put your fillets of sardines on skewers, wrapped and then stitched.

We have fun with samoussas, wraps, pizza…

And yes, the sardines are not necessarily wise. On a pizza with olives and mozzarella, in samoussas with curry or in wraps, very fresh with vegetables, sardines can see all the colors. Small pleasure of the summer, fried or breaded, and is best eaten with a salad. We also appreciate the tart or the tart that will highlight the good vegetables in summer.

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