Tax fraud : The ex-lawyer of Trump agrees to admit his guilt

Michael Cohen, ex-lawyer staff of Donald Trump, agreed Tuesday to plead guilty before a judge, while he was under threat of indictment for tax fraud and bank, according to several u.s. media. This information has not been officially confirmed and it is unclear in the immediate to what charges the lawyer for 51-year-old has agreed to plead guilty. But the court of Manhattan has confirmed that a hearing was scheduled at 16: 00 for Michael Cohen, during which the leaders of the charge to which he has agreed to plead guilty should be revealed.

These agreements of guilt/collaboration are common in the United States when the prosecutors have sufficient evidence to expect a conviction if there was a trial. Through cooperation and provision of information to the investigators, the accused generally see the nature of the charges against him and the sentence imposed limited.

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A new blow for Trump?

Such an agreement for Michael Cohen, on which speculates the american press for several months, would be a blow for the us president. It would confirm the reversal against him the father of the family of 51 years, after ten years of very loyal service to the ex-real estate mogul in new york city. Loyal to the point of having said one day that he would be willing to “take a bullet for the president”.

Among the services rendered to the billionaire, Michael Cohen acknowledged that it had paid $ 130,000, just before the presidential election of 2016, an actress of porn movies Stormy Daniels who claims to have had an affair with Donlad Trump in 2006 and 2007, in exchange for his silence on this story.

But Michael Cohen, including the offices have been raided in April, has in recent weeks changed counsel and now seems ready to tackle his former client, by disseminating, in particular, a recording compromising to the president. The latest revelations on a possible agreement to plead guilty came as the “New York Times” said on Monday that prosecutors might indict Michael Cohen for bank fraud and tax before the end of August. The charges would stem from loans obtained by Michael Cohen for taxi companies in new york, of which he is the owner, not directly related to his profession as a lawyer.

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