Fred Sirieix compares Teen First Dates to David Attenborough doc as ‘naughty’ youngsters snog over dinner

FRED Sirieix compared Teen First Dates to a David Attenborough documentary as “naughty” youngsters snogged over dinner.

The spin-off show gives teenagers between the age of 16 and 19 the chance to go on their very first dates.


Fred Sirieix said the new series is like a “David Attenborough documentary”[/caption]

Fred says the teens behave just like adults – and that also means they stole a few kisses, hugs and even handshakes.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Mag, he said: “They did behave themselves, I mean, some of them are more naughty than others.

“Some of them are more introvert and others are more extrovert and there’s everything inbetween, just like adults. Some of them are adults because they are 18 or 19 but they are between the age of 16 and 19.”

He added: “What you see in the series of First Dates on Channel 4 and what you will see on the teen series, you will see some similarities.

Channel 4

The team has moved up to Manchester[/caption]

Channel 4

The teenagers will be going on their first ever dates[/caption]

“But what it does with the teens, especially for us because obviously we’re not teenagers anymore, it takes you back to the time when you were a teenager and who you were as a teenager and what you did and what you said. It takes you back down memory lane.”

Fred – who has been the matchmaker Maître D’ since the programme started in 2013 – says the teen series is “almost like a nature programme”.

The star continues: “It’s the call of nature, as a teenager, physically you want to meet somebody.

“That’s the way we are as human beings. It starts when we’re teenagers. Later on in life is when we want to meet somebody to be with because this is again what we are genetically programmed to do.

Channel 4

There are “snogs, hugs and handshakes” throughout the series[/caption]

Channel 4

Fred says their connections are similar to the main series[/caption]

Fred chatted to The Sun’s TV Mag about the new spin-off series

“It’s great to be there and for me, when I do First Dates it’s almost like a nature programme and when I’m there it’s almost like being David Attenborough!

“Witnessing all that beauty, these people meeting together and wanting to make that connection. Can they make a connection? Do they have it? Are they suitable for one another? Or maybe they could be depending on how they are behaving with each other.”

The show has moved from its London location to The Refinery in Manchester.

You can read the full interview in TV Mag, available only with The Sun every Saturday.


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