Frisky couple sneak into cinema and ROMP in front of the big screen…after and helping themselves to drinks and popcorn

A FRISKY couple was caught romping in front of the big screen after they sneaked into a cinema and helped themselves to free popcorn and drinks.

The raunchy pair enjoyed a steamy session in the front row after breaking into the lockdown Kinograd cinema in the South Pole shopping centre in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.


The pair helped themselves to popcorn and drinks[/caption]


CCTV footage shows them enjoying a steamy session in front of the big screen[/caption]

CCTV footage shows the young couple nicking drinks and popcorn at the deserter food counter.

The pair can be seen entering a screening room enjoying a steamy X-rated encounter in the front row.

The following morning, the couple even managed to sneak out without being seen by security guards.

A cinema spokesperson said the couple respectfully cleaned up after them before leaving.


But they did clean up after themselves before leaving[/caption]

Local media reported that the cinema was even considering offering them tickets for a special screening for being so considerate before leaving.

However many believe the break-in raised security issues in the shopping centre and believe the couple should be punished rather than rewarded.

It is unclear if the police plan to look into the incident.


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