From ‘dour’ Hugh Grant to an ‘intense’ Kate Middleton and Prince William, body language expert weighs in on this year’s Wimbledon couples

THIS year’s Wimbledon has seen plenty of action – and not just on the court.

Centre Court’s seating area has been packed with hordes of famous couples dressed in their best, ready to sip Pimm’s and take in every serve.

Jude Law and wife Phillipa Coan are among the famous couples to have made a glamorous trip to Wimbledon

But while their eyes may have firmly been on the sport as they sat in the stands, a body language expert has revealed how their demeanour could reveal what’s really going on inside their relationships.

From Kate Middleton and Prince William to Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein, Judi James exclusively gives Fabulous Digital her verdict on the strongest and weakest couples.

So, who’s in love and who looks to have taken their eye off the ball?

Iain Stirling and Laura Whitmore

“Comedy cute”

Getty – Contributor

The Love Island commentator and his TV presenter girlfriend shared a smooch[/caption]

“This closed-lip PDA looks like a joke performed for the cameras, suggesting a matching sense of humour that might be quite childlike at times.

“His kiss is distracted here, meaning he seems to be looking away, which could suggest he’s enjoying the attention or publicity more than the kiss.”

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay

“Smug marrieds”

Getty – Contributor

The TV stars smiled in the stands yesterday[/caption]

“The snuggling, leaning in together body poses plus the shared, naughty-sexy smiles with eye-crinkling suggest high levels of physical attraction.

“Plus, the ability to make one another laugh from this long-term couple who present as though in the early days of love here.”

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

“Strongly sexual”

Getty – Contributor

The royal and her ex-rugby player husband looked pleased to be enjoying a day out without their kids[/caption]

“This tactile, relaxed posing with each slumped in towards the other and his leg splay suggests a spontaneously, mutual sexual attraction that is easy-going and unforced.”

Phillipa Coan and Jude Law

“Star and his fan”

The actor and his wife looked like they were having a great time
Getty – Contributor

“While Jude mugs to the front here, sharing his good looks with the crowd, Phillipa face-watches him to flatter him, wearing a supportive and approving smile.”

Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire

“Display PDA”

Paul Edwards – The Sun

The pop star and model – who got engaged in 2016 – are due to tie the knot later this year[/caption]

“Their wide and slightly over-congruent-looking smiles and the way he studies her face as she laughs make them look more like a perfect couple in a commercial than real life.

“Matching good looks make them visually compatible but the smiles make them look a bit camera-aware too.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William

“Friends with benefits”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge grinned in the Royal Box
Rex Features

“The body distance and touch-free behaviour combined with the intense and mutual eye-gaze and wide, amused-looking smiles suggest strong ties of friendship as well as their bonds as a married couple.

“William’s wide grin suggests Kate enhances his life and lifts his mood.”

Anna Eberstein and Hugh Grant

“Seriously dour”

AP:Associated Press

The actor and his wife appeared to be concentrating intently on the game[/caption]

“Hopefully an off-beat moment from this couple who sit using mirrored body language that suggests serious to the point of dour here.

“Their lips are tight, which suggests a lack of conversation, and their torso angles are matching although not leaning in towards each other.”

Mollie King and Stuart Broad

“Adoration of a hero”

Getty – Contributor

The pop star and cricketer recently got back together after breaking up last year[/caption]

“While Stuart sits looking ahead in an uber-manly pose, Mollie leans to snuggle in with her head tilted back as though dying for a kiss.

“Whispering up at him she looks like a woman who has found the man of her dreams, making him look heroic as a result.”

Ali Astall and Declan Donnelly

“Most popular”

Getty – Contributor

The TV star and his wife, who recently welcomed a daughter, took in their surroundings at the prestigious tennis club[/caption]

“The pair look upbeat and sociable here, both grinning and socialising in different directions but sitting comfortably together as they do.

“They look relaxed and happy – everyone’s favourite couple to invite to their BBQ.”

Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling

“Sweetly childlike”

Getty – Contributor

The newly-engaged pop star and art dealer shared a moment during the match[/caption]

“Ellie’s body language looks pseudo-infantile here as she smiles cutely and places one finger to her mouth to get his attention with a coy smile.

“He looks more reserved but suitably attentive.”

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

“Virtual strangers”

PA:Press Association

Kate Middleton’s little sister made one of several appearances at Wimbledon with her hedge fund manager husband[/caption]

“You could sit an extra person in the sizeable gap between these two and with no touch or lean rituals or even eye contact you’d be forgiven for mistaking them as strangers here.

“Pippa smiles in a way to suggest the lack of PDA isn’t a problem here, suggesting two individual people comfortable doing their own thing.”

Bear and Shara Grylls

“Thinking alike”

Getty Images – Getty

The TV star and his wife looked caught up in the game[/caption]

“The head-closeness is a strong feature here and it looks mutual and relaxed.

“By looking ahead but using this mirrored head tilt and touch the couple suggest bonds of trust and like-minded thinking.”

Dennis Jauch and Leona Lewis

“Seriously fashionable”

Rex Features

The pop star and choreographer – who got engaged last year after eight years – appeared to have something on their minds[/caption]

“This couple look as though they have dressed to impress and co-ordinated their outfits but the lack of body language bonding or touch here suggests the rapport was stronger with their styling.

“He frowns straight ahead while she looks down and away.

“Two strong wills uniting but not always seeing eye to eye?”

Reuben Selby and Maisie Williams

“Who ate all the strawberries?”

Getty – Contributor

The Game of Thrones star and her communications director boyfriend tucked into some fruit[/caption]

“There’s a hint of Queen Bee behaviour from Maisie here as she sits looking ahead, savouring the last strawberry while Reuben stares into the empty bowl, perhaps wondering what happened to his share.

“Maisie looks happy, relaxed and confident here while Reuben looks happy enough to be sitting beside her.”

Helen McCrory and Damian Lewis


AP:Associated Press

The acting couple appeared to be sharing some gossip[/caption]

“Leaning together with their body language making them look locked away from the rest of the world, Damien and Helen use confidential communicating gestures to suggest shared secrets.

“Their heads are close and she even part covers her mouth with her hand as they speak, making them look like tight best friends and confidantes as well as romantic partners.”

Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson

“Comfortable friends”

Getty – Contributor

The actor and his wife gave the sport all their attention[/caption]

“Their body language suggests a mature, relaxed relationship where each can be themselves with the other.

“There is some torso touch here but no need for PDAs for the cameras from this comfortable-looking couple.”

Kitty and Michael McIntyre

“Alpha male/besotted female”

Paul Edwards – The Sun

The comedian and his other half seemed to find spectating tiring work[/caption]

“As Michael sits higher, looking protective and quite alpha here with his arms folded and his legs crossed, Kitty poses in surrendered female mode, leaning her head on his shoulder and with her hands clasped under her chin like a love-struck fan.”

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