From weight gain to loneliness new parents reveal the hardest things about becoming a mum

HAVING a baby is tough not only physically but mentally.

The life you lived before is a memory, and you have to adapt your daily routine to fit around your new-born.

Sleep deprivation was a common factor
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Your body has changed, there are sleepless nights, not to mention the stress of being entirely responsible for another person.

But if you’re finding it tough, you’re not alone.

Mums have shared what they found the hardest about motherhood on parenting website BabyCentre.

From emotional strain, feeling physically drained, lack of support and how their body has changed, everyone experiences different problems.

Feeding babies, whether breast or bottle, was also tricky
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In a thread online, one mum said: “Realising I’m not a natural. Really thought some of this would come naturally, but it’s not!”

Those feelings were shared by other parents, who added: “The feeling of utter helplessness when she’s sobbing and I can’t fix it.”

This mum found feeding her child the hardest, saying: “Breastfeeding when it can be really bloody painful!”

But it seems whatever method, there’s always trouble, as this mum said: “My baby not taking a bottle.”

Another said she was “failing at breastfeeding”, while the “multiple night feeds” were getting to another woman.

Sleep was a big factor across the board, with this new mum feeling very sleep deprived

She said the hardest thing is: “Broken sleep. I’ve forgotten what a full night’s sleep feels like and it’s only been three months.”

Mums revealed what they found the hardest in an online thread
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And how your body changes was a big shock to some, with one mum revealing: “My body not being what it was.

“I’m loving being a mummy, but would enjoy it more if my body didn’t feel 20 years older with a viral infection that won’t disappear.”

This woman added: “How much weight I put on during pregnancy, as I worked so hard to get it off before getting pregnant.”

The strain is mental too, with one mum admitting her biggest problem was: “Not feeling like I exist.”

Another thought her personal life was suffering, with her biggest obstacle being “the strain on my relationship with my partner.”

Loneliness was another major factor affecting a lot of women
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And it seemed isolation was also a running theme, with one mum saying what she found hardest was: “The loneliness! I didn’t even think about the fact that I would be on my own with her for 12hrs a day some days.”

Similarly, this new parent wanted more support, saying: “Not having any family around that can take my baby, even for an hour so I can have a break.”

Acknowledging parenting is tough, and two women have the same experience, BabyCentre said: “Parenting is a huge melting pot of wonderful moments and times when it feels like the biggest struggle you’ve ever faced.

“Every parent’s experience is different, but there’s no denying we’ve all found certain phases hard, or had days where we’ve been really really tested.”

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