Frustrated girlfriend asks if she was wrong to tell her ‘insecure’ partner he has a small penis

WHEN it comes to matters of the bedroom, most women tend to try and convince their partners that size really isn’t all that important.

However, one woman has dropped a bombshell on her insecure partner by confirming his greatest fear about his “smaller than average penis size”.

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The woman always told her boyfriend he was ‘average sized’, despite being ‘four inches give or take’[/caption]

Posting on Reddit’s “Am I the A***** forum”, the woman revealed how she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for seven months and admitted “he’s small down there, like 4 inches give or take.”

Aware of his own, erm, shortcomings, the woman added: “He constantly asks me if he’s big enough, if I can feel it and I always reassure him and tell him it’s fine.”

However over the past few days, the woman’s partner became increasingly insecure over his size and “kept asking me if I was lying.”

She wrote: “[He] wouldn’t take ‘you’re fine’ or ‘you’re average’ or ‘I don’t care how big it is’ for an answer.”


The woman recalled how she ‘snapped’ a few days ago after her partner kept ‘pestering’ her about his size[/caption]

Fed up with trying to protect his ego, the woman described how she eventually just “snapped”.

“I told him to stop pestering me but this went on for a few more days,” the woman added. “[I] told him he’s below average but he has nothing to worry about.

“Obviously he didn’t take it well.”

Asking whether she was in the wrong, the woman concluded: “I didn’t lie to him and say it was big. I said it was average.”

Other users were quick to rally around the woman and confirm she did the right thing by being honest with her partner.

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Other users say she did the right thing being honest with her partner[/caption]

One replied: “He knows exactly what size his penis is and how it compares statistically with others.

“Sounds like he cares more about having his ego constantly stroked than enjoying a positive sex life with his partner.”

Another wrote: “Sounds like you were truthful. The truth hurts sometimes.

“You like the guy for other reasons and you’ve told him it doesn’t matter. If he worries about it, it’s on him.”

However another said her “insecure” partner was only “looking for reassurance”.

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