Fugitive anti-virus guru John McAfee, 73, ‘flies to LONDON’ after arrest with cache of firearms in Dominican Republic

FUGITIVE anti-virus guru John McAfee has sought refuge in Paris and London since being released by Dominican authorities on Wednesday.

The eccentric mogul, 73, had been detained after a cache of weapons, ammunition, and cash were found on his boat when it docked in the Dominican Republic.


John McAfee and wife Janice are thought to have been in London[/caption]

McAfee was previously  the Dominican Republic for entering the countries on a boat full of weaponry
He became a millionaire after developing the first commercially available antivirus software
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He is currently being sought by US tax authorities in relation to charges brought by the Internal Revenue Service over unpaid taxes.

His lawyer, Candido Simon, said McAffee had been released after Dominican authorities ensured he was not the subject of any active legal cases or extradition requests in the United States.

Police in Belize, where McAfee previously lived, have also said he is a “person of interest” in an investigation into the 2012 murder of a neighbour with whom he had recently had a dispute.

McAfee rose to prominence after founding McAfee Associates in 1987 to sell the first commercially available antivirus software.

His personal wealth peaked in 2007 at around $100 million, but plummeted after the global financial crisis that begun that year.

He is known for a number of controversial political views, including a belief that taxes are illegal and an opposition to any redistribution of wealth, and has previously sought to become the US presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party.


On Friday, two days after his release, McAfee tweeted a picture of his wife, Janice McAfee sat in a restaurant claiming the pair were in London.

“We are in london. A different world from the Chaos of the D.M,” he wrote.

“Tomorrow I will lay out how an extremely corrupt Bahamian Official orchestrated our ordeal, with the help of the CIA.

“I will bring him down first, then decide what to do next.

“Full videos, texts and voice recordings.”

The location stamp on the tweet also said it had been posted from London.

He then wrote yesterday: “On the move again. The long arm of the U.S. is reaching for us here in London.

“Thank God it’s a weekend. Government bureaucracy paperwork is stalled until tomorrow morning.

“We are never stalled. Will update you soon.”

Gun-toting McAfee warns of ‘dark days’ ahead – the firearms were later taken away
John McAfee – who says he’s still on the run from the US Government – poses for a photo with his ‘guards’ last year
Twitter / John McAfee

Four hours later, in a tweet stamped as having been sent from Paris, he tweeted a picture of himself and his wife with one another man in a hotel room, and wrote: “The bad guys never came close.

“We are out of England now and on our way to complete safety.”

He had earlier taken issue with the reasons for his detention in the Dominican Republic, saying his boat was boarded and weapons seized before he had chance to declare them.

He had also said his dogs remained in custody, threatening that “wrath will rain down from heaven” if they were harmed, but later tweeted that they were safe.


Having been born on a US army base in the UK, McAfee has both American and British citizenship.

In January 2019, McAfee claimed to be living internationally on a boat after an indictment brought against him by US authorities related to unpaid taxed dating back to 2012.

The IRS has not independently confirmed the existence of any charges.

Police in Belize have also said McAfee is a “person of interest” in relation to the death of a former neighbour, Gregory Faull.

Faull was found in his home with a single gunshot to the head and bearing signs of having been tortured with a taser in 2012.

He is reported to have been in an earlier dispute with McAfee about noise made by McAfee’s dogs, and to have told another neighbour he was going to “take matters into his own hands”.

Four of McAfee’s dogs were subsequently poisoned.

McAfee then fled to Guatemala after being questioned by police, and was later deported back to the United States.

He later claimed he had been forced to flee because Belize authorities were trying to kill him, but prime minister Dean Barrow responded by calling McAfee “extremely paranoid – even bonkers”.

Earlier this year, a US federal district judge in Florida ordered McAfee to pay $25 million for the wrongful death of Faull.

The ruling followed a lawsuit brought by Faull’s daughter, and a decision by an appeals court last year that the allegations against McAfee were plausible.

The Brit pictured during his Belize days, before he was being sought by police in connection to the murder of an American expat, Gregory Faull
The anti-virus software industry pioneer, above, has long been grabbing media headlines
Millionaire McAfee gestures during an interview with AFP on his yacht anchored at the Marina Hemingway in Havana, on June 26, 2019
AFP or licensors
Showing off his tattoos in 2012, after being deported from Guatemala
Rex Features
McAfee posted photos of himself in a cell, after his second arrest in the Dominican Republic


John McAfee said he’d been detained a second time[/caption]

Above: McAfee’s Twitter account provided updates on his detention and initial release
John McAfee and his wife, Janice
His past includes fleeing Belize where he lived for several years after police sought him for questioning in a 2012 murder
McAfee speaks with media after arriving back in the US in 2012 having spent several weeks on the run from Belize
Getty Images – Getty
Gregory Viant Faull
McAfee went on the run from Belize, after his rich American neighbour Gregory Faull, above, was found dead at home
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At one point he was down to his last £2.5million. So he liquidated his property and moved to the tax haven of Belize on the north eastern coast of central America

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