Funny pictures show shoddy work of bungling builders who clearly couldn’t be bothered to finish the job

WE’VE all suffered from dodgy builders who really couldn’t be bothered to do a proper job but these pictures really do highlight sheer stupidity.

This rogue’s gallery of building bodges indicate either a complete lack of foresight or just downright laziness.

You may need to levitate to get to this door
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Utter construction failures include steps that just lead to a brick wall, taps that are either too big or too small for the wash basin and a plastic bottle used as a shower head.

Other botched jobs include the buttons on a lift completely out of sequence and a garage that is completely useless because of a step right in front of it.

Other spectacular blunders include stairs which are completely inaccessible as they lead directly into the wall in front with the handrail in the way.

Another classic is someone planting a tree right in the middle of a driveway, making access impossible.

This builder bottled it

Surely the owners won’t notice this substitute shower head?
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Over the wall

These handy steps give easy access
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This tree would drive you crazy

The path to glory
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Wash your cares away

This washing machine will lead you high and dry
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Stairway to heaven?

It’s a flight of stairs which is also an obstacle course
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Door of perception

Just how does this door open?
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The owners were floored when they saw this

This flooring looks more like a jigsaw
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Push the button

This lift will push all the wrong buttons
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Parked life

This property comes with its own garage – if you can get to use it
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Water, water everywhere

Someone’s tapped into something here
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Whoever put this door in is a right loo-ser

It’s easy access to the toilet
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