Furious bride kicks couple out after they ignored strict rule to NOT invite kids to her wedding

A FURIOUS bride has revealed she kicked a couple out of her reception after they brought their two children to her child-free wedding.

Despite explicitly stating on her invitations “that there would be no children at this wedding”, the bride was nothing short of horrified when a “long-term family friend” turned up with her two children under the age of four.


The bride was forced to kick the family out after they refused to take their children home[/caption]

Taking to Reddit to express her frustration, the woman initially gave the couple – who she is “not very close with” anyway –  the benefit of the doubt.

She wrote: “At the actual wedding ceremony, I let it slide. I was preoccupied for obvious reasons.”

As her flowergirls were “getting picked up after the ceremony ended”, the woman “thought maybe they planned not to attend the reception or have someone pick the kids up before it started.

So far, so reasonable.

Unfortunately for the bride, when the “reception rolls round, lo and behold, the couple still had their children” with them.


The woman hoped the two infants would be picked up before the reception along with her flowergirls[/caption]

Too busy to deal with the awkward situation herself, the woman “asked our event planner to go over to them and discuss whether someone was picking up the children.”

Unsurprisingly, the conversation quickly turned sour and the bride “could tell they were arguing with my event planner so I went over to help.”

She said: “I reiterated that the event was child-free and said that I had stated so clearly on my invitations.

“The wife gave a sort of apology and then assured me they were capable of minding their own children to make sure they didn’t get in the way of anything.”


Things got a ‘little heated’ with the groom jumped in to support his wife’s decision to have a child-free reception[/caption]

But considering how “that wasn’t really the point”, the groom stepped in and “things got a little heated.”

In order to diffuse the situation entirely, the bride describes how she “finally snapped and said that they just needed to go, which, thankfully they did without much more noise.”

However, the newlyweds found the “whole scene incredibly embarrassing” while the guests “enjoyed the dramatic entertainment.”

Questioning whether she was out of line to insist that the couple leave early, the woman concluded: “I really hate that my wedding day had to be somewhat marred by this incident.”

Sympathetic users rallied around the bride

Flooding the thread with supportive comments, other users have argued that the bride was right to stand her ground.

In an attempt to reassure the stressed-out bride, the reader replied: “Absolutely not at all, you stated it on the invitation and asked them politely first.

“I feel awful that a day that was meant to be the best of your life was tarnished by the event.”

Others labelled the parents ‘inconsiderate’ for having ‘no regard for others’ wishes’ on their big day

Another added: “The inconsiderate couple who thought they were somehow excluded from the child-free part of the invitation are a**holes! What goes through the head of people live that? ‘Well, it says ‘no kids’ but that couldn’t possibly mean US’…”

A third wrote: “Unbelievably rude to you and unfair to your other guests that they think the rules didn’t apply to them. This is the main reason I would have kicked them out.”

On the bright side, one user added: “It will be a funny memory to bring up with your significant other later in life and chuckle at, so not all is ruined.”

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