Furious fan calls Rafa Nadal ‘OCD f***’ and sticks middle finger up at him before she’s kicked out of Australian Open

RAFA NADAL was subjected to a foul-mouthed rant from a female fan as he took on Michael Mmoh at the Australian Open.

The 34-year-old Spanish legend was facing the American in their second round clash when the extraordinary incident occurred at the Rod Laver Arena.


Rafa Nadal was left stunned after he was on the receiving end of an x-rated verbal assault from a fan[/caption]


A woman yelled at the Spaniard before giving him the finger at the Australian Open[/caption]


Security quickly arrived to throw her out but she continued to give the finger to the crowd[/caption]

And maybe the veteran is one sportsman who wishes fans were still barred from events after he was subjected to abuse from the stands Down Under.

The scenario began with mild amusement as several spectators held up proceedings by chatting loudly.

However, one woman appeared to have over-indulged on the beers as she yelled ‘Hurry up, you OCD f***’ while Nadal was preparing to serve.

Fortunately for Nadal the drama did not detract from his focus on the match as he delivered a booming ace.

She then proceeded to give the icon the middle finger as security raced over to escort her out.

Nadal burst into a smile as the action returned to the rowdy fan in the stands.

But she was not prepared to go quietly.

The camera switched back on her as officials attempted to get her out of the arena.


However, everyone else came under fire from the woman as she was dragged away.

The lady proceeded to flip the bird to everyone around her as she was eventually removed.

Once again the abuse failed to cause an issue for Nadal as he produced another ace. 

And he quickly went on to serve another to win the second set.


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