Fury as cows have WINDOWS fitted into their stomachs at Europe’s largest animal research centre

COWS are having their stomachs punctured and fitted with windows so researchers can rummage around in their insides at Europe’s largest research centre.

Footage, filmed between February and May this year in France, shows a man putting his whole arm inside a live cow’s stomach for a bizarre experiment.

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Footage shows one man insert his hand into the cow’s stomach[/caption]

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Another man was filmed doing the same thing to a different cow[/caption]

The images have now been released by by animal rights group L214 who filed a complaint yesterday.

Clips were filmed in the north-western French department of Sarthe, at the Sourches facility owned by the Sanders company, a subsidy of French agro-industrial corporation, Avril Group.

French TV host Nagui Fam is calling for the practice to stop, arguing it is bad for the animals’ health.


L214 spokesperson Barbara Boyer said: “We obtained the images after a whistleblower who works there contacted us to alert us to the conditions there.

“We have filed a complaint with the authorities.”

In the video, presenter Nagui said: “There are also chickens at the centre that are so fat that they cannot even walk anymore, as well as very sick pigs, calves and rabbits that are trapped in tiny cages.

“For Sanders, these cows are just milk-producing machines that need to have their settings optimised.”

We have filed a complaint with the authorities

Barbara Boyer

He added: “Other experiments are carried out on isolated calves in small enclosures.

“The pigs only have cold metal as their environment. The rabbits are prisoners in their small cages and they will know only these cages their whole lives. They will never get out.”

The research centre said only six cows have been fitted with the widows.

It claims they need the windows to carry out an experiment to find out how to reduce the use of antibiotics in the farming business.


Avril spokesperson Tom Doron insists the experiments come with “rigorous veterinary monitoring and are considered painless for the animal.”

They also claim to be studying how to reduce methane production, a major contributor to climate change, according to the European Commission.

Helene Thouy, L214’s lawyer, said: “The Rural Code provides that animal testing is permitted only when strictly necessary. Making dairy cows more productive does not seem to fall into this category.”

The crime of unlawful experimentation is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a £26,000 fine.

People reacted in fury online with one person writing: “It’s monstrous, shameful, scandalous.”

Another viewer said the experiment was “absolutely horrible”.

Central European News

The research centre said only six cows have been fitted with the widows[/caption]

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The centre claims it needs the windows to try and find out how to reduce the usage of antibiotics[/caption]

Central European News

A video published online also claims that chickens at the centre are so fat they cannot walk[/caption]

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