Earn 350 euros, without effort and without risk, since France 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 it you said?


It says you earn at least 350 euros, without effort and without risk ? I present to you today a program which was initiated by Stone (an investor in sports betting) and Benedict (an expert in sports betting which I’ve already told you).

350 euros without effort and without the risk of… this sentence looks like one of those scams that I write about regularly on this blog and on my page Facebook. And yet, this is not one of them… I myself tried this idea and IT WORKS. I won 351 € to be very precise, by way of just less than 5 hours.

You’ll also see more low as several readers have followed this program with great success, since most of them have won more than 400 euros net.

If you live in Belgium, will instead see the Belgian version of 🇧🇪 of this program by clicking here.

What is it ?

The program “350 euros” is based on theoptimization and the recovery of the bonus sites paris sports.

As you may know, all sports betting websites offer bonuses rather mouth-watering : 100 euros-150 euros per… The offers are not lacking, and give really want to register. Except that, reading the conditions, he realizes that he must wager it several times these are to unlock the bonus, and in addition with the conditions of minimum dimensions. In the end, for having experienced it in the past, I can tell you that it turns out to be rather difficult.

This program is in charge so to guide you step during the registration process for these sports betting websites and help you to bet on multiple matches, so as to optimize and achieve recover about 70% of the bonus.

The word “program” is poorly chosen. In fact, there is nothing automated, this is not an algorithm but a player who is going to guide you. He is called Peter, he is really kind and available, and it is he who will give you the procedure to follow.

Nico… if it is based on sports betting, it may not be 100% reliable !

Well, think again !

I’m not going to go into detail, otherwise it would be revealing a part of the program and let you think that it is easy.

What you need to know is that even based on betting on sports, the program does not try to guess who will win or lose.

And then, above all, the creator of the program don’t like too much the marketing and the sellers of the dream. So, before talking around him, he tested and retested several scenarios, tried to find flaws, corrected, tested again, until you get a reliable program that allows you to earn at a minimum 350 euros.

This would not be the surebet your thing ?

No, this is not a surebet. The surebet is to optimize the bets and the payout for be sure to make a profit. However, here, we primarily seek to optimize the bonus.

In addition, the bets are on the most important competitions (Ligue 1, major tennis tournaments…), and not on divisions obscure a very small country (which is often the case for surebet). The betting business is performing only on sites approved by ARJEL, the regulatory authority of online games in France, they are reliable, will not be cancelled for a yes or a no, and will therefore be carried out until the end of their term.

The operation of the program

Go back into the heart of the matter.

After registration, you will be contacted by Peter via email. This first step is essential and allows to check that you meet the criteria (see below) and, most importantly, to explain in more detail what is in the program. It will also see your level, in sports betting, at least to have an idea and you explain perhaps in more detail how these sites operate. Once again, no need to have already completed sports betting.

You will then receive the first two sites where you have to register and deposit 175 euros. After validation of the registration, the first bets will be sent to you, and once the bonus recovered, you will have to withdraw the total balance present on both sites. This sum will then be used to deposit on the next sites, and so on.

In each email, it will prompt you to either register for a new site, or tomake a bet, or both. Use the registration links present in these emails, because they allow you to have access to special bonuses (and this is the whole point of the program). And yes, this is in addition to affiliate links 😉

The program ends only when you will have all the gains on your bank account. Once the program is finished, you will have to pay the participation fee (see below). After that, you will have on your bank account at least 350 euros in addition (in addition to 175 euros initially invested).

This is not very clear? Here is the calculation. You are going to in fact earn at the end of the programme 350 minimum (gains) + 175 € (investment) +97 € (costs of investments, we talk about it later), that is to say : 622 euros minimum !!

175 euros to drop at the beginning ? I don’t like it that much !

I understand your fear. I am the first to tell you to be very careful when you are asked to pay first to earn money then.

But then it comes to the sports betting. By definition, to earn money, you need to play, and therefore drop. There is no other choice !

To reassure you a little, the payment of the participation fees is requested only at the end of the program – you pay only after you have verified that the program works as expected.

In addition, you have to remember that 175 euros this is the sum optimal to take advantage of the bonus of each sports betting website. If you file less, you would win a lot less and not be able to claim the € 350 final. There, it is a guaranteed investment.

Take a look at the following table. It is the balance of MY program. Yes, I too have participated, to precisely test the reliability and validity.

Gagner 350 euros grâce aux paris sportifs

A gain of 351 euros, so I was missing a site (Betclic) !

The first two rows correspond to first two deposits, for a total value of 185 euros (my case was special). I then removed 318,75 euros of the second site, and I have reinvested a portion of this sum for the file on other sites, and so on…

The line in red corresponds to a site in which I have not been able to participate, and despite this I am left with a total gain of 448,55 euros, which corresponds to a net gain of 351,55 euros once the participation fees have been deducted.

351 euros for less than 5 hours of work, it is pleasure or it is no fun?

You still doubt the reliability and veracity of my words ? You are afraid of losing 175 euros ? Think of my reputation as a blogger ! And yes, because in promoting this program, it is also my reputation that I put in the game. If I had a single doubt that it didn’t work, so I won’t, simply. But I am convinced by the program, and I know that it will allow you to earn a nice sum of extra money.

You can trust me, and especially to trust Stone – these 175 euros to drop will soon turn to much more money.

Note: if your capital is more important, you can deposit € 210 to begin the program and the minimum earnings guaranteed in this case are 380 euros.

Not making head : it is very easy !

The program is really very easy to follow. You won ‘t have to think about, just you register on the different sites of sports betting and to make bets offered.

No need to have knowledge in sports betting.

For example, the father-in-law of Benedict Tréanton has tested and he had fair knowledge of the stock market (therefore, not much to see).

An aside : the system of activation codes

Even though Peter will explain at the beginning of the program, I take advantage of this article to explain to you quickly how to operate the registration sites of sports betting in France.

The French law is very strict, ever since the arrival of the French regulator : the ARJEL.

Now, all sites approved are subject to conditions of validation of the players, ostensibly to prevent the abuse of and addiction to the game.

In short, this means that for every sports betting website, you will have to enter your real coordinates (and prove your identity using an id card), your bank details (RIB) and your mailing address. An e-mail with an activation code will be sent to the house, and it is only after you have activated your account you will be able to bet in the normal way.

This process is a bit heavy but you must absolutely respect them for being able to bet in France.

The programme in a few figures

  • 175 euros : the amount of money that you must deposit at the beginning of the program in two sites of sports betting. Do not worry, you go get it. If you have more money available, you can deposit € 210
  • 350 euros : the sum of money of net minimum that you will earn after completing the program in its entirety. This amount rises to € 380 if you deposit € 210.
  • 0 euros: the amount of tax you’ll pay on these gains. In France, sports betting is taxed at the source. This means that the dimensions that are proposed to you already take into account taxes. You don’t have to pay anything, and nothing to declare.
  • 6 to 12 weeks : the time required to complete the program in normal conditions.
  • 2 to 4 : the number ofemails you receive per week.
  • 24 hours to 72 hours : the time that you have to make a bet after it is sent by email.
  • 1 hour : the maximum amount of time you have to devote to the program per week.

The conditions of participation in the program

Unfortunately, not everyone can’t participate in the program. Otherwise it would be too simple.

Here are the conditions to be fulfilled absolutely to be able to participate :

  • be major.
  • not already be registered on other sports betting websites. Otherwise the 350 euros can not be guaranteed. If you are already registered with 1, 2, or 3 sites, you can participate in the program, but that the earnings target will be reduced to 300 or even 250 euros, on a case-by-case basis.
  • I live in France (a postal address in France to receive the activation codes).
  • have a bank account in France.
  • 175 euros available (to place on top of the first sites). This amount will be collected at the end of the program, of course.

Moreover, only 15 people per month can participate in the program. This to ensure an excellent personalized follow-up from Peter, and all the world so the winner of this collaboration.

Registrations are open at the time, but if there is more space available, you will be put on a “waiting list” and will be contacted the following month. And of course, the first registered will be first served.

The cost of the program

The cost of participation in the program are from 97 euros, payable by bank transfer or Paypal at the end of the program.

Click here to register for the program is 350 euros

This cost is not included in the 350 euros that you’re going to win. Which means that actually the program will pay approximately 450 euros minimum.

Explanation : If on your bank account, before you start the program (and before you make the first deposit), you had 1,000 euros, this means that after the program you will have a minimum of 1350 euros (after having counted the first deposits, and after adjusting the participation fee).

97 euros, it is not very expensive, having regard to the work done behind by Pierre to accompany you and seen the amount with which you will leave at the end.

Some of the stories

Several people have already completed the program. With success, of course.

Chris, for example, has earned 472 euros net.


472 euros earned through the program 350 euros

Benjamin for his part, walked away with 386,50 € net, and especially enjoyed the program 350 euros. Here is the email that he sent me after you have completed the program.

Benjamin est vraiment content du déroulement du programme 350 euros.

Benjamin is really happy with the progress of the program is 350 euros.

And Arnaud won 464,50 € net through the program of 350 euros (which seems wrong to wear his name ;-))

Arnaud aussi est très satisfait de ses gains!

Arnaud is also very satisfied with his earnings!

New testimony of Jerome as of June 7, 2017, which won 477,06 € net

Jerome believes that the program and the steps to follow are very clear. For him, there is a “zero risk”

And also this excellent testimony of Lauren, may 19, 2017, which for its part is allocated with 352,50 € net.

Lauren highly recommends the program”

And then there is Françoise, 55, who went home delighted with 353 euros in April 2018.

gagner de l'argent aux paris sportifs grâce au programme 350 euros

Frances, 55 years : there is no age for sports betting 😉

It makes you want not?

So, you want to sign up ?

Well played. 350 euros plus it is hard to say no, isn’t it ?

To register, fill out the form below:

You will need to enter your information, including your email address. Not to worry, no spam will be sent. A first email will confirm your registration in the program and I will put you in contact with Stone. If the limit of 15 places monthly is already reached, then you will be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available.

Still not sure? I answer your most frequently asked questions.

It’s free?

No, as I said above, there are costs to participation but these are included in the promise of gains. Therefore, after payment of the participation fee you’ll really have 350 euros more on your bank account. Minimum.

There is really no risk?

It has been over 2 years that we have this program with Peter and we have never encountered major problems. Nobody has ever lost money.

The only concerns we may have had, these are errors on the part of the members during the making of paris. So if you are not sure at the moment to take a bet that Pierre has asked you, do not take it. Ask him 😉

Why do I have to deposit money at the beginning?

To earn money through sports betting, it is necessary … to bet on. And to bet, it is necessary to deposit money.

The sites are sports betting and generous welcome bonus offers, but they depend on the money that you have filed (they are not so generous either!)

Don’t worry, you are going to recover this money (and much more).

I have money and I’d like to earn even more, is it possible?

The initial promise is to earn a minimum of 350 euros net, with a capital of 175 euros. If your capital is higher, with a start at 210 euros we guarantee you a net gain minimum of 380 euros.

I have no money, you can make an exception for me?

No, unfortunately we cannot make exceptions. If you do not have money to deposit on the first sites of sports betting, this is going to be complicated. That said, there are a lot of ideas for earning money on the blog 😉

How sure are you of being able to earn so much money? It is sports betting anyway.

One does not bet on the winner or the loser, but on both, on different sites. Therefore it makes money regardless of the outcome of the bet. And these bets allow you to unlock it as the bonus sites paris sports.

Therefore, the chance does not come into play. Neither of the predictions. Or a magic ball. Nor the opportunity.

It is available in other countries?

Yes, you can find the program in the following countries (you must reside there of course):

  • Belgium 🇧🇪: click here
  • Spain 🇪🇸: click here (this is another site, which also works with Stone). It is in Spanish but if you don’t understand, I tell you.

How do I register?

You just have to click on the button below to go to the registration form, and fill out the requested information

Click here to register for the program is 350 euros

Still more doubts ? Questions I have not answered?

Leave a comment below and ask me your questions, I will be happy to answer them.


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