Game Of Thrones fans convinced the Night King’s ‘symbol’ proves he’s a Targaryen

GAME of Thrones fans are convinced the Night King is actually a Targaryen – and think the symbol he loves to create out of dead bodies etc, proves it.

Episode one of the eighth and final season has just aired and conspiracy theorists have been pointing out the similarities between the Night King’s “symbol” and the House of Targaryen’s sigil.

As the remains of Ned Umber went up in flames the symbol looked very similar to the Targaryen sigil

Add to the mix that apparently “only Targaryen’s can ride a dragon” and quite frankly it seems like an open and shut case.

GoT season eight’s first episode revealed a huge talking point surrounding the mystery of the Night King, his “symbol” and what it represents.

The series is known for its gore and opener to the final series did not disappoint. At House Umber in Last Hearth (the closest city to The Wall), Tormund, Beric, and their group found young Ned Umber tacked to the wall surrounded by a spiral made of human hands and arms.

It seemed at first to be just a mysterious message from the Night King but as wight Ned started screaming at the men and they set him on fire, it soon became clear it was actually more than that.

Fans have been pointing out the similarities between the Night King’s symbol and the House of Targaryen sigil
The Night King has left this symbol made out of dead bodies before

The limbs, as eagle-eyed viewers will recall, were arranged in a spiral shape, which became even more prominent when it was set alight.

“It’s a message from the Night King,” said Beric.

Many fans believe the Night King’s symbol shares uncanny similarities to that of House of Targaryen’s crest.

Although it’s been a growing theory for some time, the burning of Ned Umber seemed to hammer home the point for lots of fans because the mysterious spiral patterns have appeared on numerous other occasions.

Back in the caves near the wall Jon showed Dany the ancient markings
One of the show runner has said previously that “only a Targaryen” can ride a dragon
AP:Associated Press

Rangers from the Night’s Watch come across a group of wildlings that have been slaughtered by the White Walkers, their body parts are arranged in a similar pattern.

In season three Jon Snow and Mance Rayder discover that the bodies of the many slaughtered Night’s Watch members have disappeared but their horses’ remains have been severed and arranged in the pattern, too.

Then in season seven, Jon shows Daenerys the carvings on the walls of the caves beneath Dragonstone that were inscribed there by the Children of the Forest.

The mysterious patterns tell the story of the time in which they united with the First Men, despite both factions being at war for centuries, to defeat the White Walkers.

The Night King used to be a man before he had dragonglass plunged into his heart
Jon has just found out his true parentage and how that ultimately means he’s been sleeping with his relative
AP:Associated Press

One wrote: “Wait a minute. What if the Night King is a Targaryen? That symbol the White Walkers use looks awfully similar to the Targaryen sigil. Also, The Night King is riding a dragon.”

While another: “One of the shows’ creators legit says, ‘Only a Targaryen can ride a dragon’ in the behind-the-scenes segment after tonight’s premiere, and coincidentally the Night King rides a dragon and the symbol he’s leaving behind looks like a Targaryen sigil. Calling it now Night King.”

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