Game Of Thrones fans left heartbroken Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon is killed and Missandei beheaded in brutal episode

THE dust has barely settled from the epic Battle Of Winterfell but that didn’t stop Game Of Thrones from offering more gruesome bloodshed as Daenerys Targaryen set her sight’s on the Iron Throne in tonight’s episode.

In no mood to wait for her army to recover from their heroic exploits, Dany set off for King’s Landing on one of her dragons, while Tyrion Lannister, Missandei, Grey Worm, Lord Varys and dozens of warriors sailed south on ships.


Missandei is the latest Game Of Thrones character to die[/caption]

No sooner had they laid eyes on their destination than they were ambushed by Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet who fired giant arrows into the chest of Rhaegal with a final fatal blow piercing the beast’s neck, sending it crashing into the sea.

He then fired at Daenerys’s final dragon Drogon, but the queen narrowly avoided death by flying away.

Her ships were then decimated in a vicious attack from the Iron Fleet’s superior weaponry, and the her subjects were forced to abandon their ships.

As they washed up on shore, it became apparent Missandei was missing, much to the horror of a distraught Grey Worm.


Cersei Lannister gave the order to execute her[/caption]


Euron Greyjoy’s Iron Fleet fired giant arrows into the chest of Rhaegal[/caption]

In a desperate attempt to prevent further brutality, Tyrion bravely addressed his sister outside the castle walls while Cersei’s soldiers aimed their arrows at him.

He pleaded with her to think of her unborn child’s life and vacate the throne, however, his words had the opposite effect.

Missandei’s hands were bound as she stood on a platform on the edge of the castle walls.

Cersei told her to speak any last words, before commanding The Mountain to lop off her head.


Dany was furious but unable to get revenge[/caption]


Euron ambushed Dany’s army[/caption]

With a peaceful resolution now well and truly off the table, fans can expect an epic fight in next week’s episode.

Viewers were devastated by the losses, with one writing on Twitter: “Rest In Peace to one of my most loyal and best friends. Missandei, you not be forgotten. 😢.”

Another posted: “I’ll never forgive the GOT writers for making Missandei die in chains.”

A third wrote: “my girl missandei was supposed to see the beach in naath with her man.”

A fourth said: “Missandei just died in chains. I’m crying. #GameOfThrones.”

As a fifth mourned: “Rest In Peace to one of the most loyal and the best friend. Missandei, you not be forgotten. 😢retweet for Missandei.”

Fans have claimed that the trailer for season eight episode five proves the return of White Walker dragon Viserion.

The 30-second clip has no voiceover, with the dramatic scenes instead being teased to the sound of tense music and a ticking clock as it focuses on the suspense leading to the final fight.

Many believe that Euron’s facial expression in the new trailer reveals a big plot twist

However, it is the final second that grabbed viewers’ attention, with Euron staring up at the sky – and a look of concern and fear slowly sweeping across his face.

Fans have now claimed that the look on Euron’s face in the trailer implies that he is seeing something that he isn’t prepared for or doesn’t know about – and with many believing that last week’s Battle of Winterfell wasn’t the last that we have seen of the White Walkers, they were quick to speculate Viserion and Rhaegal’s actual fate.

Others wondered if Daenerys obtained more dragons following her heartbreaking loss – referencing her long-forgotten lover Daario, who was last seen in season six after Dany ordered him to remain in the Bay of Dragons to maintain peace.

Euron appears to be shocked by what he sees in the sky
Fans have speculated that Daeny’s White Walker dragon is back from the dead

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