Game of Thrones new opening sequence is packed with secrets for the final series

THE opening sequence of Game of Thrones episode one, season eight has revealed some major clues for the series ahead.

The iconic computer-generated opening credits is set to reflect the changes in Westeros and its designers have told fans to keep a careful watch as each one will be filled with hints and secrets.

The Iron Throne in the opening sequence can be seen

The opening scenes of Game of Thrones have always been incredible but now the last series has commenced, are more important than ever before.

In the first episode, viewers see as a little boy scrambles for a seat to watch as the great Targaryen Army, complete with dragons, arrive at Winterfell.

This in itself is a sentimental throwback to the first series when Bran does the same thing as the Baratheon Army arrives at the Northern stronghold.

As the familiar music begins to play, an overhead shot of Winterfell mirrors the opening credits.

The first scene show the wall – now with a massive hole in it thanks to the ice dragon
Coming out of the hole are blue tiles that depict the White Walkers advance
The sword shows several things happening

However, then it changes to the first image we see — after the clock from the maesters’ citadel in Old Town, — is the Wall, complete with a huge chunk taken out of it, courtesy of the Night King’s new dragon.

The camera then pans round moving from the hole in the Wall into Westeros where blue tiles pop up to represent the encroaching army of the dead. If you listen closely you’ll even hear the icy path crackle.

There’s a brief glimpse of the Last Hearth, the former seat of the Umber family, which sits on a mountain that has a spiral shape to it. This shape has become synonymous with White Walkers as they like to arrange dead bodies this way and also from the murals on the walls in the North.

Angus Wall and Kirk Shintani, two of the Emmy-winning team members who created the original main titles sequence, revealed: “Going into the last season, we aren’t necessarily required to keep establishing these locations, because everybody knows where they are and what they represent.

Does this show the Mother of Dragons and her babies with Arya’s weapon?
The sequence swoops into the tombs of Winterfell
A dragon’s head is seen before the sequence swoops down to the Iron Throne

“It gave us a chance to kind of dive a little bit more in depth into each of the locations and not worry about having to localize the audience.”

In his interview with Buzzfeed, Shintani says these aren’t the only changes we’ll see to the opening credits this season.

“I’ll say that there are differences in every single episode,” he said, speaking about the credits in general. “From episode to episode, pay attention, because there’s lots of hints scattered around.”

While the season premiere doesn’t feel especially urgent, the credits sequence doesn’t forget what’s coming: the Night King and his army.

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