Game Of Thrones’ original first episode had TALKING White Walkers – but it was scrapped after TV bosses had a change of heart

GAME Of Thrones’ original pilot episode has been unearthed, and there are a few things that could have been very different in Westeros if showrunners had stuck to the script.

One of the key changes seen in the initial draft is the inclusion of a White Walker language.

The White Walkers had their own language in the original pilot script

Similarly to Dothraki, a language created especially for the fantasy series, the ice creatures were given a dialect of their own called Skroth.

Huffington Post have reported that they found the original Game Of Thrones script in the Texas A&M’s Cushing Memorial Library in College Station – somewhere that George RR Martin, the author of the books of which the show is based, frequents.

The publication reports that the script is dated 22 October 2009, which is around the time the pilot episode began filming.

The first episode of season one that fans know and love today opens with a trio of men from the Night’s Watch being attacked by White Walkers – with all but one being killed.

The language was described as ‘the cracking of ice on a winter lake’

However, in the original script, the surviving member escapes after climbing a tree – and this is when he overhears the creatures speaking in Skroth.

The script reads: “The crackling noise is coming from multiple sources now.

“These are not the noises of mindless predators. This is a language, and whatever is speaking it is getting closer.”

The White Walkers do talk in RR Martin’s novels, with the author describing the sound to be like “the cracking of ice on a winter lake”.

Other key differences include Cersei fighting off her brother’s advances in the original draft
Daenarys consenting to her first sexual encounter with Khal Drogo was also changed

However, despite revisiting the concept of talking White Walkers ahead of season two, the idea was ultimately scrapped for good in the series – although the reason why is currently unknown.

Other key differences between the original pilot and the one that aired include Cersei Lannister appearing to fight off her brother Jamie’s advances when they are caught having sex by Bran in Winterfell.

Conversely, Daenarys consents to sex with Khal Drogo in the original script, whereas in the episode that aired he rapes her.

Elsewhere, Catelyn is heard encouraging Sansa and Joffrey’s marriage in the first draft, with Cersei also being seen burning the feather that Ned Stark poignantly leaves on his dead sister Lyanna’s crypt.

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