Game Of Thrones season 8’s first episode has a shock final scene that will REALLY excite fans… here’s why it’s so important

THE eighth and final series of Game Of Thrones airs in the UK tonight – and its final scene is among the standout moments.

With plenty of intrigue and lashings of crowd-pleasing plot twists, the whole opening episode will satisfy seasoned fans’ appetites perfectly.

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Bran Stark has not laid eyes on Jaime Lannister since the first ever episode of Game Of Thrones[/caption]

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Jaime Lannister pushed the young Bran Stark from a tower in Winterfell over fears his incestuous relationship would be exposed[/caption]

But its the final few shots that will really separate the hardcore viewers from the latecomers.

That’s because we finally see – after EIGHT long years – Jaime Lannister and Bran Stark together again.

Amazingly, it is the first time the two major characters have interacted since the very first episode aired back in 2011.

That opening episode ended with the much younger Bran scaling a tower in Winterfell – where he caught he Kingslayer in a compromising position with his sister Cersei.

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Game Of Thrones series 8 will see Jon snow and Daenerys Targaryen continue their quest together[/caption]

Desperate not to have his incestuous affair exposed, Jaime opted to shove Bran out of the tower window.

The boy fell hundreds of feet to the ground below – but miraculously survived the fall.

He was left unable to walk and had no memory of what happened.

But since that first episode, both characters have gone on remarkable journeys.

In the series that followed, Bran has had his magical abilities enhanced under the tutelage of the Three-Eyed Raven.

Bran the apprentice has mastered the magic of Greensight – the power to see events in dreams.

Meanwhile, Jaime has trekked across much of Westeros – and has endured a series of hardships including losing his fighting hand.

But in the final scene of the first episode in series eight, the two finally lay eyes on each other for the first time since the attempt to murder Bran.

The young man’s new ability as a greenseer means its almost guaranteed that he’s aware of what truly happened that fateful day eight years ago.

Although no words are spoken between the pair in this tense scene – it sets up for an explosive second episode.

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