Gareth Bale tries to chat to Real Madrid team-mates… but doesn’t have a clue what they are saying

GARETH BALE tried to chat to his team-mates in a hilarious video – but didn’t have a clue what they said because he is yet to learn Spanish.

The language barrier is just another one of the Real Madrid star’s problems at the Bernabeu amid claims he will be sold in the summer.

Gareth Bale awkwardly replied to Luka Modric with a blank face

A clip has been doing the rounds online of the Madrid squad as they brushed up on their language skills while on a plane.

Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro and Luka Modric all had a chat as the Welshman awkwardly stood in silence.

He left Casemiro absolutely stunned when he blankly replied to Modric: “I don’t have a clue what you just said.”

Bale has been with the club since 2013, but Marcelo revealed last month that he still only knows four Spanish words.

He said :”I have Bale, but Bale does not speak [Spanish] as he only speak English and we talk with gestures and I say, ‘Hi, hello and good wine.”

And he revealed that the former Tottenham forward hardly speaks in the team dressing room.

Madrid star Toni Kroos publicly trolled him on Twitter for his laughable lack of language skills.

Bale, 29, has reportedly been nicknamed “the golfer” by his team-mates because he prefers to play nine holes than mix with the rest of the squad.

He has failed to live up to expectations at the Bernabeu again this season and has been tipped to leave this summer.

The club are reportedly set to offer him in a swap deal for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

German giants Bayern Munich are allegedly considering filing an offer for the Welshman this summer.









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