Gemma Collins lands six-figure fee for fifth series of hit BBC podcast

GEMMA Collins has landed a six-figure fee for a fifth series of her smash hit BBC podcast.

The reality TV star, who started out being paid £100 as one of the cast on Towie, has become a stand-out figure on the platform – with her 30-minute long recordings bringing thousands of young people flocking to the broadcaster.

Gemma has secured a six-figure fee for her new podcast

Gemma, 40, first launched the podcast in 2019 and after its runaway success the BBC are now forking out big bucks to keep her on board.

An insider said: “Since Gemma’s podcast first aired it’s proved a hit and the BBC just can’t get enough of her.

“Gemma is a ratings hit for TV shows and the same can be said for radio, as her podcast gets thousands of downloads each week.

“It’s gold for the BBC and they’re keen to keep her on board for as long as possible.

Dan Charity – The Sun

Listeners can’t get enough of The GC[/caption]


BBC bosses think Gemma is worth every penny of her huge deal[/caption]

“Her pay cheque for the next series is over £100,000 and as far as the bosses are concerned – Gemma is worth every penny.

“No topics are off limits on Gemma’s podcast and that’s what makes it so unique. It feels so personal and you never know what is coming next.”

The BBC initially gave Gemma’s podcast an eight-episode run in August 2019 but after seeing its success they extended it to 16 episodes.

Her fifth series will begin on March 10 and the podcast is now officially one of the BBC’s most listened to for Under 35’s on BBC Sounds.

Speaking about her podcast, Gemma said she was delivering exactly what public service broadcasting should be.

Gemma discusses everything from her personal life to conspiracy theories on the show[/caption]

She said: “You’re never lonely when you’re listening to a podcast.

“I helped a young boy who was being teased about his passion for dancing through the podcast.

“I touched his life and he touched mine.”

Other topics Gemma has covered included aliens, how to survive a zombie apocalypse and her top tips for being confident.


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