George Michael’s ex-lover Fadi Fawaz wrecks the late star’s £5million home after ‘going crazy’

GEORGE Michael’s ex-lover smashed up the late star’s £5million house in a rage.

Fadi Fawaz, 45, broke a number of windows at the central London home where he has been squatting since the singer’s death.

At least nine shattered balcony door panes and three damaged fan lights could be seen from the street

A workman at a nearby property said: “There was glass flying everywhere. He went absolutely berserk.”

The jobless squatter has admitted smashing windows at George Michael’s old house — but bizarrely claimed he was doing home improvements.

Fadi, 45 said: “I was renovating. I was changing things around.

“I can ask when it’ll be done and let you know. It’s all right, it is all in hand.”

Fadi, 45, has been squatting in the central London property since George’s death in 2016
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At least nine shattered balcony door panes and three damaged fan lights could be seen from the street.

Jobless Fadi is squatting at the £5million central London home, which overlooks Regent’s Park.

George’s family and lawyers are stepping up their battle to force him to leave.

Fadi was seen smoking a joint on the balcony next to some of the smashed windows.

Fadi posted this picture on social media after suggesting the damage was a result of renovation works
Sources close to the singer’s family say there are fears ‘the whole house will end up wrecked’
Fadi ventured outside the property over the weekend wearing two pairs of sunglasses
Ian Whittaker – The Sun

A labourer who had witnessed his fit of rage said: “He just started going crazy and smashing up the place. It was scary.”

Fadi posted an image of the damage on his Facebook page with him defiantly raising his middle finger in a rude gesture.

A source close to the singer’s family said: “The place is beginning to look like a squat.

“The fear is the whole house will end up wrecked.”

A labourer who witnessed the incident said there was ‘glass flying everywhere’ during Fadi Fawaz’s fit of rage
Fadi has remained in George Michael’s old house even though the Wham! singer left him nothing in his £96million will
Ian Whittaker – The Sun

Last year it emerged that George — who died on Christmas Day 2016 — had left nothing for on-off lover Fadi in his £96.7million will.

George, who was 53, had two other homes in the UK — in North London and Oxfordshire.

A legal rep for George’s estate declined to comment.


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