George Michael’s family say the story of his death as told by lover Fadi Fawaz is ‘full of holes’

GEORGE Michael’s family have blasted his former boyfriend for “lies and contradictions” over how the star died.

Fadi Fawaz, 44, last week gave a detailed account of how he found George cold in his bed on Christmas Day 2016.

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Singer George Michael was found dead on Chrstimas Day 2016[/caption]

But the singer’s cousin Andros Georgiou poured scorn on Fawaz’s belief that George, 53, had been chilled by a fan.

Andros, 55, said: “It is a freezing Christmas in an old cottage, which George liked because it was cosy and liked the heating on.

“I have checked and he did not even have a fan in that room.”

He also said Fawaz previously claimed he’d been sleeping in his car. Last week he said he was staying downstairs in George’s Oxfordshire pad.

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Fadi says he spent Christmas Eve downstairs at George’s Oxfordshire cottage after the pair had rowed[/caption]

Andros believes George could have been dead for two days before Fawaz raised the alarm. He added: “This is a cover story. He’s contradicted himself completely.”

In a string of social media messages this week, Fadi, 44, said he did not disturb George throughout the whole of Christmas Eve, after they argued.

And hairdresser-turned photographer Fadi said he could not remember what time he woke up on Christmas Day – and called two people before dialling 999 after discovering him dead in bed.


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George and Fadi snapped together outside George’s London home[/caption]

Andros said: “He was right that George had tried to commit suicide, which make him more of a risk – so he should have been keep an eye on him not ignoring him.

“The way his statement reads is that George went to bed on December 23.

“So that means he could have spent 48 hours in the house with him when he was dead.

“Why not go to check him?

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George and pal Andrew Ridgeley found fame with Wham! when Young Guns reached No 3 in the charts in 1982[/caption]

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George first spoke openly about his sexuality in 1998[/caption]

“Why ignore him all of Christmas Eve, which was his late mother’s birthday?

“It is just not feasible the amount of time he says they were both asleep.”

Andros said: “This is a poor cover story and I don’t believe it.

“By doing this, he is winding up George’s family and making himself seem more guilty.”

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