Ghislaine Maxwell trial updates LIVE – Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ in court and coverage ripped as FAKE press ban surfaces

THE sex trafficking trial of Jeffrey’s Epstein’s alleged “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell started on Monday, as false reports of the press being banned from the courtroom emerged.

Before the crux of the trial even got underway, online trolls claimed there was a “gag order” barring coverage of the event.

There is no such order in place for the trial, according to Newsweek.

Maxwell’s defense attorney compared Jeffrey Epstein to James Bond in the opening day of the socialite’s sex trial.

Opening the case for the defense, Maxwell’s attorney Bobbi Sternheim told the jury: “Ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the apple, women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men, and women are often vilified and punished more than men are.

“The charges against Ghislaine Maxwell are for things Jeffrey Epstein did. But she is not Jeffrey Epstein.”

Of Epstein, Sternheim said that “in many regards, he was like a 21st century James Bond…his accusers have shaken the money tree and millions of dollars have fallen their way.”

The case could see bombshell revelations from the murky world of Epstein emerge as Maxwell answers six charges relating to the trafficking and abuse of four victims.

Maxwell faces allegations that she procured girls for Epstein while also participating in the abuse herself on a number of occasions.

Prosecutors allege she and Epstein exploited girls as young as 14.

Maxwell’s lawyers deny all charges against her and will attempt to argue her relationship with Epstein has been overstated.

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