Girl, 14, left an inch from death after GP diagnosed her huge brain abscess as a ‘sickness bug’

A 14-YEAR-OLD girl came within an inch of losing her life when a GP incorrectly diagnosed her brain abscess as a “sickness bug” and sent her home.

Thalia Elliott started feeling extremely sick before going to her doctor in Wales — but what her family thought was a simple case of food poisoning turned out to be a life-threatening abscess.

Thalia Elliott’s brain abscess came within an inch of reaching her brain stem – requiring two emergency operations to save her life
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The schoolgirl was said to be like a rag doll with her eyes rolling back in her head when she was found having a seizure in 2018
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The seriousness of her case only came to light after her worried parents watched her become increasingly lethargic in July 2018.

But despite two hospital visits, she was sent home where she had a seizure in the middle of the night.

An ambulance took her in once again — at which point a nurse noticed a foul-smelling clear liquid dripping out of her nose.

Thalia was unconscious and a crash team was immediately called in to help.

Ceri Elliott-Pitman, Thalia’s aunt, told the Daily Mail: “Our world just fell apart at that point. It was horrendous.”

Thalia was raced to another hospital where she immediately had emergency surgery to remove part of her skull and drain the massive abscess.


The doctors told us they had never experienced a scenario quite like Thalia’s and had no idea how she was still alive.

Lisa Elliott, Thalia's mum

After the procedure, Thalia’s loved ones were informed that her pupils were not reacting and that she may be brain dead.

And within an hour of being on the ward, her brain pressure rocketed and her parents were told to say their goodbyes.

Scans showed Thalia’s brain swelling, allowing surgeons a tiny window in which they could operate before the swelling reached her brain stem.

They were forced to carry out another emergency operation to remove a second part of her skull to relieve the pressure — as she was literally just an inch away from death.

Thalia’s mum Lisa Elliott said: “They did manage to perform the procedure in time, and the after the surgery Thalia’s condition stabilised a bit and she was placed in to an induced coma on life support.

“The doctors told us they had never experienced a scenario quite like Thalia’s and had no idea how she was still alive.”

Although her life was saved, Thalia suffered two strokes during the operation and was left profoundly deaf and unable to walk.

Her speech was also seriously affected by the abscess, with her now only able to speak “a bit”.

Thalia is also having to learn how to do all sorts of things again — from being able to sit up to being able to keep her eyes open.

A fundraiser has now been set up to support her learning to walk again.

Thalia was put in an induced coma following a second operation to remove more of her skull to relieve pressure on her brain
Media Wales
She suffered two strokes during one of her life-saving procedures which left her deaf and unable to speak as she used to
Media Wales
Thalia, who is now wheelchair-bound, was discharged from hospital three weeks ago
Media Wales
Her family are now raising funds to support her as she learns how to walk again
Media Wales

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