Girl, 6, remarkably survives a 40ft fall from a balcony after she lands in snow

THIS is the moment a little girl miraculously survived a 40ft fall from her balcony after landing on thick snow.

The unnamed youngster, six, was briefly hospitalised with concussion and “bodily injuries”after the incident in the Russian city Tomsk on Saturday night.

Alexey Petrov

The horror fall happened in Russian city Tomsk[/caption]

Oblast Zdorovya

The apartment building that she fell from[/caption]

Ilya Stroev

The thick snow softened the impact of her fall[/caption]

She was treated in intensive care before moving to a regular ward at Tome ambulance Hospital.

According to Russian media: “The child spent one night in an intensive care ward.

“Doctors managed to stabilise the little patient’s condition.”

The horror fall was captured on CCTV with incredible footage showing the moment the girl falls to the ground.

Video shows the girl soaring through the air from her balcony before hitting the snow with tremendous impact.

She lays in the huge pile of snow for a while as she appears to try and stand up.

She then stumbles to her feet and manages to climb over a small fence while clutching her sides.

Appearing to be in pain, the girl then proceeds to run to her apartment block in the building she fell from.

Local media reports a concerned neighbour called emergency services after seeing the great fall.

It has emerged that she was left alone by her mother when the near fatal drop happened.

Due to this, the child’s mother could face prosecution for negligence.

Speaking on the incident the Russian Investigative Committe said: “The girl fell into a snowdrift, suffered bodily injuries during the fall, and was as a result hospitalised.

“It was established that the victim lived at the address with her mother, who was absent at the time of the child’s fall.”

The incredible fall was caught on camera[/caption]

The girl can barely be seen in the snow after falling[/caption]

She can be seen pulling herself to safety [/caption]

She manages to find her feet again[/caption]

The girl then runs towards her apartment block[/caption]


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