Girls create incredible anti-bullying video after one of them was victimised at school

TWO girls have created an incredible viral anti-bullying video after one of them suffered in school.

Liberty Greig, 11, and her dance partner, Evie Stocker, 10, were inspired to send out a message of hope to victims after seeing bullying in their hometown of Margate.

Michelle Greig

Liberty and Evie have been dancing together for years and were inspired to create a video[/caption]

One half of 2Stepz, Liberty was bullied by friends when she returned to school after spending time in Matilda in the West End.

She also was horrified after watching a young girl cruelly taunted and hurt in a video filmed in Margate.

Her mum, Michelle, a police officer, said: “Her friends started to not be very nice to her.

“She came home and said ‘mum, why don’t we do it about bullying’.

They show off an impressive routine to close the video
Ashton Sharp, 13, also features in the video as a victim of bullying
Kickboxing champ Lilly Paige Anderson, 17, defies bullies in the film to train harder

“In our area we’ve got so many awful videos about bullying.”

The mum now wants to take the film into schools to show kids how to fight back against bullies.

The proud cop said: “With the girls’ video, it is talking about bullying but it’s a positive side.

“Even bullies we want them to think ‘this is wrong’ when they see it.

“The girls’ message is ‘we just don’t want bullying, we just want it to stop’.

“We don’t realise what effect they have on people, we have child suicide through bullying. It’s awful.

“We are just trying to get them into the schools in educational videos.

Michelle Greig

The pair decided to try and tackle bullying through an inspiring dance video[/caption]

Michelle Greig

After Liberty was bullied at school the pair decided to create a message of hope for other victims[/caption]

“I would like to present that as a police officer.”

She added: “The messages we’ve received since the video came out have been unbelievable.

“They [the girls] are just overwhelmed by it, they are just so thankful that they are helping people.”

The powerful clip sees the girls tell victims to “find who they truly are” and ignore the negative comments from bullies.

This, paired with inspiring images of a young boy fighting to keep dancing, a teenage girl ignoring bullies to keep training and the girls’ routine, has had more than 40,000 views on Facebook.


One person commented: “Very,very powerful message! This needs to be shown in all schools from primary to secondary to get the message across!”

In 2016, The Sun Online launched its Block The Bullying Campaign with the NSPCC in a bid to stamp out the sharing of vile videos showing children being attacked.

Our aim is to educate children, parents and schools about the horrendous effect filming an act of bullying, then sharing it on social media, can have on children.

Michelle told the Sun Online her daughter accidentally saw a shocking clip of bullies attacking a young girl in their hometown.

She said: “The horrific videos really hit home when we watched that one a couple of months ago – it got quite big in Margate.

“My husband woke up thinking about this poor girl all night.

“When things like that go on Facebook it IDs people very quickly, which is good.

“But the other side of it is other people don’t really want to see that.”




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