Glam models unveil brand new duct tape bikini trends at Miami Swim Week

IT’S the bonkers bikini trend we’d all rather just forget – but duct tape swimwear is a baffling trend that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Dominating the catwalk at this year’s Miami Swim Week, the experimental Black Tape Project brand have sent models down the runway in the most daring designs we’ve seen yet.

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Would YOU dare to wear a duct tape bikini?[/caption]

As always, the bizarre “bikinis” (if you can even call them that) were made up of several layers of strategically placed duct tape across the front and back.

Leaving extremely little to the imagination, these startling pieces of swimwear are effectively made up of a strip of tape covering the nipple and crotch area.

But this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill tape you have lying around your cupboards at home.

Instead, the models’ torsos and chests were decorated with an array of metallic gold and bronze squares.

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The startling pieces of swimwear are effectively made up of a strip of tape[/caption]

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Models stormed the runway in bronze duct tape[/caption]

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We can only imagine what a pain they must be to remove…[/caption]

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The daring designs also featured duct tape details around the wrists and thighs[/caption]

And while we’re loving the selection of cute black halter tops, we can only imagine what a pain they most be to remove… literally.

In case you need a little reminder (or purposefully erased this fashion monstrosity from your memory), duct tape bikinis first exploded onto the scene at last year’s Miami Swim Week.

However, the designer’s seem to taken things one step further with their latest collection which leaves the models’ bums more or less completely exposed.

What’s more, another model stormed the runway covered in iridescent squares and a white duct tape bra.

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On the plus side, this white duct tape makes for a fairly supportive bra[/caption]

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These revealing designs leave VERY little to the imagination[/caption]

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This bikini featured a bizarre diamond detail over the bum[/caption]

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We can’t even begin to think what those tan lines would look like…[/caption]

Thankfully, Fabulous Digital reporter Deni Kirkova satisfied all our curiosities when she tried out the duct tape bikini for herself earlier this year – and revealed how she was wolf-whistles, nearly flashed her privates to the entire beach and couldn’t even go to the loo while she was wearing one.

However, Black Tape Project isn’t the only designer to push boundaries at this year’s Miami Swim Week.

Yesterday American designer Chloe Rose debuted her latest swimwear collection which featured some of the most extreme underboob and sky high bottoms we’ve ever seen.

Anyone else planning on just keeping in a one piece this summer? Just us?

In more bonkers fashion news, PrettyLittleThing is selling an extremely revealing bikini and beach skirt set – and shoppers have joked their “flab would be everywhere”.

And the 90s “whale tail” trend is back – and celebs including Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid are loving it.

Plus shoppers have mocked Boohoo’s diamante swimsuit for being “tacky” and call it a “guaranteed wedgie”.


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