God of War : the last secret of the game has been discovered, but the players are not at all satisfied

God of War is a game famous for its numerous mysteries to solve. We have mentioned a nice nod to Avengers : Infinity War when the film is released, today we are going to talk about the last secret of the game that would have been discovered. Unfortunately, after conducting their investigation, the players remained on their hunger for the resolution of this ultimate enigma. If you ever have not finished the game, we advise you not to read the following which will reveal the important points of the plot.

One last mystery hidden in the house of Kratos

It all started in the month of last may, during an interview with GamingBolt, when Cory Barlog said that it remained a secret to discover. The creative director of God of War has, once again, teasé this mystery during the Comic-Con in San Diego, unveiling a new index that has made the rounds of Reddit. The fans have quickly understood that he had to make in the house of Kratos that they have returned to the bottom to find out what there hiding. Some users have noticed that there were several runes engraved on the walls, which, when brought together, form the word “LOKI”. Other players have also discovered a drawing depicting two serpents, half-erased, a symbol often associated in the norse mythology the God rogue.

Nevertheless, all those who have played God of War already know that the son of Kratos, Atreus, is actually Loki. This information is far from new. These runes are mainly used as winks that seem to indicate that Faye had long known that his son would become a powerful norse God. And it is precisely this that has disappointed players, they have trouble accepting that this discovery is the last secret of the game. They were expecting to learn something new, or an additional detail about the scenario. However, Joe Kennedy, a designer of the game, seems to say that this quest was now over.

This quest is fully completed

But the majority of fans refuse to believe both that Cory Barlog has nothing confirmed. Most continues even searched through the remains of Kratos, hoping to find something else, while others complain of this discovery, as has been done by the user u/SkipOneEBR on Reddit.

Then the big secret is something you already knew. Finally what I want to say is that I didn’t think it was going to be anything extravagant, but I expected at least to new information about the story. If this is really it, I’m extremely disappointed.

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