Gogglebox fans in tears as Jenny and Lee share photo of empty sofa after series ended last week

GOGGLEBOX fans were beside themselves after favourites Jenny Newby and Lee Riley posted a photo of their empty sofa.

The best friends from Hull, who joined the Channel 4 cast in 2014, shared a photo of the iconic beige sofa in Lee’s caravan, but without the famous duo sitting on it.


Gogglebox’s Jenny Newby and Lee Riley[/caption]

“Empty sofa 😥😥😥😥,” they captioned the Instagram post.

Gogglebox’s most recent series ended last week and many fans panicked thinking the empty sofa meant it was the end of the best friends on the show.

“Noooooo why ? 😢😢” wrote one Instagram user.

Another added: “Why are you not doing it anymore 😢


They scared fans when they posted a pic of their empty sofa[/caption]

Many worried it meant the pair would not be returning to the Channel 4 show

And a third said: “Oh how sad will miss you guys tonight.”

It’s not the first time fans became concerned Jenny and Lee were leaving Gogglebox, and they had to take to Twitter just last week to clear up the confusion about their departure from the show.

They tweeted from their joint account: “It’s Friday it’s Gogglebox D Day for Jenny. Did Jenny get it right see ya at 9 to find out xx #Gogglebox”

Fans were quick to express their concerns, with one replying: “Lee are you guys finished with Gogglebox or just saying goodbye for end of the series? You guys have been so funny.”


But the fan favourites will be returning in September after the summer holidays[/caption]

But they squashed concerns while apologising to fans as they responded: “Just saying goodbye to series 17 back in September sorry.”

Gogglebox fans were left devastated after Jenny and Lee announced they had filmed their last episode of the season.

They confirmed to their 499,000 Instagram followers last week that tonight’s episode was “the last one”.

“Why is it a sad Friday?” Lee asked, before suddenly inhaling and looking shocked as Jenny revealed: “Because it’s the last one.”


Jenny had to move in with Lee for three months in order to be able to film[/caption]

Jenny headed back to her home and husband who she spent three months away from so she could film Gogglebox with Lee.

The Channel 4 hit’s caravan-owning favourite revealed the special arrangements that had been in place during the filming of the show.

Lee wrote: “Thanks for watching everyone time for Jenny to see her husband after 3 months with me 😁😁.

Channel 4

Coronavirus restrictions meant in order to film they would have to bubble together[/caption]

“Really going to miss her tho have a great summer everyone ☀ SEE YOU ALL IN SEPTEMBER 😘😘 xx.”

The hilarious pair have had to bubble up together because of coronavirus restrictions including the national lockdown that was in place for much of the run.

Social Media – Refer to Source

Jenny is now back at home in Hull with her husband Ray[/caption]

Jenny’s husband Ray has made an appearance on the show before, when she made a phonecall to him.

She said: “Ray, can you do me a favour and pick up my prescription tomorrow?”

At first, it seemed Ray was unable to hear his wife’s request. “Hold on a minute!” she told him.

But it seemed Ray wasn’t in the mood for chatting on national television. “Oh, it’s gone off!” she told Lee as they giggled.


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