Amber colored cleavage, and the final indicators to the game (16 Photos)


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  1. I would like to say (as a HBOS employee) a big thank you to Chubb Chubb as he/she seems to be one of the only people talking sense here.

    This was not a X-mas party but a thank you to all us staff at the front line who have to sit and take abuse and vile comments (some that get very personal) from all you retards outthere who can’t look after their finances properly.

    This party had nothing to do with the credit crunch this planned and paid for well before it and is a thank you to staff who had to deal with the 1000’s of calls from the minority of customers that maybe should be in a padded room who can’t manage the money properly.

    To all those people wishing us on the dole or worse all i have to say is stop whining and get back to your cheap cider/vodka you work shy waste’s of space.

    one thing i am sick of hearing during my shift is all you scroungers calling up and asking “wheres my wages i should have been paid” you should be asking “are your wages in my account yet” get a job. on second thoughts don’t cause if the worst happens and i do lose my job i don’t want to have to sit in a room with you waiting for an interview. here’s an idea go play with the traffic!

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