Good On You, the app to adopt a mode (a bit) more environmentally responsible

APP OF THE WEEK – To ensure that each fashion brand respects the environment, animals and humans.

What is it ? In order to encourage the world to become a little more eco-friendly, the application australian Good On You aims to analyze the compliance of the fashion brands with regard to three ethical criteria : the environment, animals and humans. To do this, they are more than 1,000 to be recorded and classified according to their relation to the environment, the wildlife and the working conditions. It is not enough, therefore, to type the name of a claw to discover his note. There are five, all based according to NGO reports reviewed : “Very good”, “good”, “It is a beginning”, “Not good enough” and “avoid”, followed by an explanatory text about the battle of each brand to justify the grade given.

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Who has imagined ? Gordon Renouf, CEO and co-founder of the app, Sandra Caponi, director of development and Fayçal Fassi-Fihri. The members of the team, Good On You explain on their site that the idea to create such an application came from several exchanges with their loved ones : many people who wanted to adopt a mode that is more respectful of the planet, but didn’t know how to get there. It is two years later, in 2015, that the three entrepreneurs have launched Good On You. The purpose of this ? Awakening the consciousnesses in the universe that pollutes the most in the world after the oil industry, and to congratulate the brands who act for the environment.

Who is it for ? For people who want to adopt a style more eco-friendly while remaining trend (Adidas, Veja, Stella mccartney, G-Star,…). But also those looking for new brands that are little known but flawlessly respectful of the environment (Hopaal, Loom, People Tree) who want to make things happen – those claws are selected and proposed as an alternative to brands who received a bad grade on the application. Because as the stresses Good On You, “every time we buy, we vote for the world in which we want to live”.

It is found where ? Since 2017, the app is free on iOS (App Store) and Google Play (Android).


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