Google Maps mystery as three-legged girl spotted walking through alleyway

A Google Maps image that shows a three-legged girl walking through an alleyway is causing a stir online.

Reddit users are debating whether the screenshot is the real deal or a freakish accident after the image was posted on the link-sharing website.

Google Maps mutant girl
Two girls walk through an alleyway in Split, Croatia – but all is not what it seems
Google Maps mutant girl
A close-up shows that one of the girls has a third leg

The pic captured by Google’s Street View cameras features two girls walking in the Croatian city of Split, with one of them appearing to have three legs.

An unnamed Reddit user stumbled across the image when he used Google Maps to “walk” through the streets of the tourist destination.

He spotted the two girls near a building and, after zooming in and changing the angle to get a closer view, he noticed that one of them had a third leg.

And sure enough, the close-up image shows a third limb with toes protruding from the red shorts of the blonde on the right – with users immediately dubbing her “mutant girl”.

Another Google Street View blunder showed three identical men walking down the street
Google Maps

But common sense prevailed as others pointed out that the image could just be down to a glitch on Google‘s part.

Google Street View snaps pics of different places using a mix of high-tech cameras strapped to an assortment of vehicles and user-uploaded photos.

These images are then stitched together to make a 360-degree model of the world that users can click and drag to explore.

But sometimes these panoramic views can go a bit haywire when pieced together by the big G.

At different times, Maps has shown three identical men in a line walking down a street and a strange orb floating above a Lake in upstate New York.

The bizarre pics have baffled and delighted users keen on solving the mysteries.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve spotted on Google Maps? Share your discoveries in the comments section below.

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