Google Pixel 3 deal cuts price of iPhone rival to just £18 a month – and saves you over £400

NEED a smartphone upgrade? We’ve tracked down a stellar deal on the Google Pixel 3.

The popular Google handset is now available for just £18 a month – on a contract that’s cheaper than buying the phone outright.

The Google Pixel 3 is one of the best smartphones available right now

The Google Pixel 3 would normally cost you £619 to buy.

But online retailer is flogging the phone for £18 a month.

You’ll need to pay a £125 upfront fee, but that works out at a total pay-out of £557 over two years.

The deal includes a Vodafone SIM with 1GB of data, plus unlimited minutes and texts.

  • Google Pixel 3 at Mobiles for £18 a month – buy now
The handset is on offer for a very low price on

But the deal is actually far better value than it first seems.

If you bought the phone outright for £619, you’d also need to pay for a SIM card.

Vodafone’s closest SIM-only offer is 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 1,000 minutes for £15 a month.

That adds up to £360 over two years, and added onto the price of the phone, will cost you £979 in total.

That’s £422 more than the price of this Mobiles contract, and you don’t even get unlimited minutes.

It’s an enormous saving on a top smartphone that’s just a few months old.

Google launched its new phone last October, to widespread critical acclaim.

The handset features a large 5.5-inch OLED display, and is powered by Qualcomm’s speedy Snapdragon 845 processor.

You get a generous 64GB of storage on board, as well as an award-winning 12.2-megapixel camera.

  • Google Pixel 3 at Mobiles for £18 a month – buy now

If you’d rather own an iPhone XR, you can get the handset from just £499 with the Apple GiveBack trade-in scheme.

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And take a look at the best Android apps and games available today.

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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