Gordon Ramsay says roasted guinea pig is ‘delicious’ but won’t serve it

GORDON Ramsay says guinea pigs are “delicious” roasted – but admits he would be “taken down” if he put the cute pets on the menu.

The celebrity chef cooked guinea pigs and sampled the furry rodent in Peru for a new American TV show where he prepares and tries adventurous cuisine around the world.

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Gordon Ramsay is starring in a new TV show in which he tries obscure food from around the globe[/caption]

Although the 52-year-old chef was adamant he loved the taste of guinea pig, he quickly reassured fans he wouldn’t be putting them on menus in the US any time soon.

Ramsay said: “I can’t feature roasted guinea pig on my menus here in the US. I would be taken down.

“You do not know what you’re missing. I am telling you now, delicious.”

For the six-part National Geographic: Uncharted, Ramsay also sampled strange dishes in locations including Laos, Hawaii and Alaska.

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Fried guinea pig is a delicacy in Peru, South America[/caption]

In a preview for the show, the father-of-five can be seen drinking a shot of spirit with a gecko in it. He said: “That actually tastes better. With a gecko inside the flavour is extraordinary.”

Ramsay said the show is an adventure through the world of food, which he describes as “the best connection in the world.

“I am coming to an age now where like professionally it is amazing. That pursuit for the culinary connect keeps me alive.”



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