Gov Andrew Cuomo seen in resurfaced clip asking woman reporter to ‘eat the whole sausage’ at state fair

GOVERNOR Andrew Cuomo is seen in a recently-surfaced video telling a woman reporter he wants to see her eat a whole sausage sandwich – just as he faces his second allegation of sexual harassment in a week.

“Will you eat the whole sandwich?” Cuomo asks News 12 reporter Beth Cefalu in a recently surfaced clip from 2016.


Cuomo is seen in a 2016 video asking a woman reporter if she would eat a sausage[/caption]

Cuomo then calls over an aide to give the reporter a sandwich.

The video jumped to the aide giving Cefalu a sandwich, with the reporter recording the entire interaction on her phone.

“I want to see you eat the whole sausage,” Cuomo is seen telling the reporter.

“I don’t know if I should the whole sausage in front of you but I’m definitely gonna eat it,” Cefalu responds.


Cuomo then asked the reporter to sit next to him and eat the sausage[/caption]

In another cut, the video shows the aide bringing a chair to Cuomo’s side and having Cefalu sit down next to him, with Cuomo saying “no excuses” while staring intently at the reporter.

Cuomo introduces the reporter to the county executive and his daughter Michaela, who exchanges a handshake with Cefalu.

“I think we’re gonna be here a while” says the county executive, with Cefalu responding “now there’s a lot of pressure on me to eat this sandwich.”

After Cefalu asks to take a selfie with the governor, he says “there’s too much sausage in that selfie.

“It’s not as easy to eat this in front of all these cameras,” Cefalu tells Cuomo.

Cuomo then proceeds to tell her there’s a course elected officials take called “Eating on camera.”


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