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The serrated anterior, or serratus anterior is a muscle quadrangular in direct contact with the side wall of the rib cage. It allows you to be pump because it maintains by its contraction, thescapula on the thoracic cage, solidarisant and the arms at the bust. It intervenes as soon as there is protraction of the arm , that is to say, as soon as it is projected forward to grab an object or to push a load with the arms stretched forward or upward.

muscle grand dentelegrand dentelé en coupe
serrated anterior (serratus anterior) view and lateral cut

If the shoulder blade is the fixed point, the serrated anterior is inspiration. Its contraction plate the inner edge of the scapula against the thorax, it participates in theabduction (extension) of the shoulder stump.

Insertions of large serrated

The serratus anterior portion of the anterior part of the first 10 ribs, around the chest to finish on the anterior aspect of the medial edge of the scapula.

insertions des grands dentelésaction du grand dentelé lors de l' abduction

It is separated inside the ribs and outside of the muscle subscapularis by a cellulo-fatty promote movements of the scapula.

grand dentelé muscleBy its fibres to the upper, it can lead to a ringing of the outer tip of the shoulder. It works in synergy with the trapeze way to stabilize the scapula in the actions of force.

How to build serratus anterior anterior

The serratus anterior anterior is used to make pumps in and now in the isometric contraction of the scapula on the thoracic cage, solidarisant and the arms at the bust.

action du grand dentelé lors de l' exécution d'une pompe

Among all the variants of pumps pumps Diamond are the most efficient because, in full flexion, the arms bear more weight than the feet, the effort required to keep the shoulder blades is then at its maximum.

Les pompes diamant sont les plus efficaces pour muscler le grand dentelé antérieur
To make a pump Diamond one must place the hands in contact by the thumbs and index fingers to the vertical line of the sternum

Do push-ups is the ideal training to develop muscles of the serratus anterior and remove the appearance unsightly shoulder blades protruding but, in fact, all the movements that secure the shoulders, as the jacketing, or who are coming forward, protraction, such as the oblique projection of a medicine ball against a wall (Wall Ball Shot) , seek the serratus anterior anterior glide of the scapula.

wall ball shot et gainage sollicitent les muscles grands dentelés

You will be able to increase his work with fixer by placing the support manuals during the cladding or the pump on an unstable surface like a ball in the gym or in running these same exercises in aggrippant to the outstretched arms of the rings are suspended and no longer being in contact with the ground.

gainage oblique sur des anneaux suspendus pour travailler les grands dentelés

The pullover is a weight training exercise that develops the pectoralis major, the long portion of the triceps, the large round, the latissimus dorsi as well as the large serrated, the rhomboid and the small breastplate. To increase the effort provided by the large serrated one will be able to take off the shoulders at the end of movement so as to raise a little more the bar and so increase the gliding of the shoulder blades on the rib cage.

pull-over et grand dentele

The major Muscles in the shoulder

The serratus anterior anterior is one of the main muscles of the shoulder . See below for the other muscles essential to the mobility of the shoulder.

Muscles annexes

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