Great Conjunction 2020 LIVE: Will Jupiter and Saturn ‘nearly touch’ AGAIN tonight, how to watch and what does it mean?

A ‘CHRISTMAS star’ lit up the night’s sky las night with Saturn and Jupiter coming together during a Great Conjunction.

The two massive planets came so close together they appeaed as a single object to the naked eye in an ultra-rare event that happens just once every 20 years.

And making the event even more special, this year was the closest conjunction since 1623 with the planets appearing just 0.1 degrees apart.

The exact time you could see the Christmas star depends on where you are in the world but it started becoming visible around 4pm yesterday UK time.

The planets moved so close that their brightness merged together to appear as one bright light.

Follow our live blog below for the very latest on the Great Conjunction 2020.


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