Great white sharks feast on a huge dead humpback whale in Cape Cod as tourists on sightseeing boat watch on

A WHALE watching tour became a live seafood buffet as two “enormous” great white sharks feasted on a massive dead mammal’s carcass. 

“This afternoon was a trip for the record books,” read a dispatch by Captain John Boats, the Cape Cod-based whale watching outfit that posted the short video clip showing the apex predators – one of them 18-feet long – scavenging on the whale’s dead flesh.

Facebook/Captain John's Boat

As a whale tour embarked to scope for whales, they saw two “enormous white sharks came to feast” on a humpback carcass[/caption]

Facebook/Captain John's Boat

A video from the boat showed the great white sharks chomping on the floating mammal[/caption]

The company continued: “We started off our trip by taking a look at a whale who was unfortunately deceased.”

One of the beasts can be seen thrashing in the water and poking its nose out to tear off bites from the floating humpback carcass. 

The Aug. 16 sighting in Cape Cod Bay near Provincetown came after the morning tour witnessed humpback whales which the company noted included a calf nursing a mother. 

“While we were there 2 enormous white sharks came to feast,” the post detailed. 

“We stood by while the research team collected video of these two doing what sharks do best!” 

“It was the first time I had ever seen this happen,” Captain John Goggin told the Boston Herald

“People on board were pretty excited,” he added. “There was a lot of yelling, ‘Oh my God! Wow!’”

Indeed, some of the people on the boat who watched the great white interlopers disrupt their whale tour rejoiced to be able to see the sharks gobble down the whale piece by piece. 

One person who claimed to be on the boat commented on the company’s Facebook post: “My daughter and I were on this trip,” she wrote. “Absolutely amazing!”

Another agreed: “Best whale watch ever! Today was such an amazing experience!”

Facebook/Captain John's Boat

Captain John Goggin said the shark feast “was the first time I had ever seen this happen”[/caption]


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