Liver transplant for Abidal: the public prosecutor requests examination of his cousin donor

The Spanish public prosecutor’s office has asked the judge who handles the case of the transplant of liver of Eric Abidal to issue a european warrant ordering his cousin to submit to examinations to prove that he had actually given a part of his liver, said on Thursday a spokesman.

This request comes one month after prosecutors based in Barcelona have asked for a reopening of the investigation after allegations that the FC Barcelona would have bought illegally a graft of liver for player diagnosed with cancer. The case had been closed in a first time due to a lack of evidence.

The cousin dealer says that he has not touched money

The Spanish Organization in charge of organ donation (ONT) supported the request of the public prosecutor demanding the reopening of the file, even when it has conducted its own investigation, concluding that the graft carried out in 2012 was legal. The recent twists in this case came after the online newspaper “El Confidencial” reported phone-tapping of the former president of Barça, Sandro Rosell, in detention on remand and referred to in court recently in a money laundering case, which would suggest that the club had illegally acquired a liver for his ex-player.

Eric Abidal, now sports director of Barça, maintains that his cousin Gerard Armand was the donor. The club and the Barcelona Hospital Clinic that performed the transplant, have also denied any impropriety.

In an interview with the newspaper “Midi Libre” in July, Gérard Amand, who lives in France, had also claimed to have not touched money and do not understand the controversy. “Nothing, not a penny ! How can we question it ? I have just given my body to save a member of my family. I didn’t think. It was a good action, simple as anyone would do to help a sick relative,” he said, indicating they had been contacted initially by the wife of Eric Abidal.

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