Gregg Wallace shows off his impressive six pack as he gushes about ‘winning the lottery’ with wife Anne-Marie

GREGG Wallace showed off his impressive six pack after gushing about “winning the lottery” with his wife Anne-Marie.

The MasterChef judge, 56, looked fit as ever in his latest Instagram post where he showed off his amazing four stone weight loss.


Gregg Wallace showed off his abs[/caption]

Standing in a corridor, Gregg – who lost four stone – is wearing a pair of grey shorts with white trainers,

His abs and huge muscles were on display as he went without a top.

The judge captioned the pic: “Fit as a butchers dog. @showmefit”

Gregg recently gushed over his wife Anne-Marie, saying he “won the lottery” by meeting her.

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Gregg with his wife Anne-Marie[/caption]

Talking on the White Wine Question Time podcast with Kate Thornton, he said: “What has love taught me? That it is an absolute game of chance and that is it.

“It is a complete and utter lottery. I am very fortunate I got the winning ticket. I won the Euro Millions the day that young lady walked into my life. She popped up on Twitter.”

The star has met two of his four wives on social media – and revealed he learnt a lesson from every marriage.

He said: “It is because I am on television. I can’t walk into bars. You can’t chat anyone up at work because the HR department would just sack you.

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Gregg and Anne-Marie married in 2016[/caption]

“What I like about Twitter is that it is not a dating site. You can just have friendly chats with people.

“Did I have lessons from each [marriage]? The first one last six weeks. I would say don’t marry anyone because you are worried about losing your house.

“So there is the first one. We bought a small house together in Bermondsey and then we broke up and I thought, ‘Well, this is terrible. What is going to happen to the house?’

“I have worked so hard all my life, what is now going to happen? The second one we were together 14 years and the third one was a huge mistake.


The star has shed four stone[/caption]

“Probably the unhappiest I have ever been in my life but she was a teacher and really good with the kids.”

Gregg and Anne-Marie got married in 2016 and share a son, Sid.

The chef has said he feels as good at 56 as he did at 26 after shedding four stone and becoming a fitness fanatic.


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