Grenfell Tower survivor Leanne Mya leaves Britain’s Got Talent audience in floods of tears as Simon Cowell says she brought ‘whole different meaning’ to song

GRENFELL Tower survivor Leanne Mya left the Britain’s Got Talent audience in floods of tears tonight with her stunning performance.

Leanne sang a heart-rending version of Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down and Simon Cowell called it “a moment with a capital M”.

GRENFELL Tower survivor Leanne perform Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and after her pitch perfect ending, David Walliams’ eyes were rimmed with tears.

He told her: “Obviously the story is one that touched everyone around the world. That was a beautiful beautiful version.”

Alesha Dixon agreed and told nervous Leanne: “I was holding on to every word you were saying. You created a beautiful atmosphere in the room. It was lovely.”

Amanda Holden tried to contain her emotions and told Leanne: “You were so terrified and nervous, but you delivered that song with a quiet confidence. It was stunning.”

Simon asked Leanne if she wanted to talk about why she had come on the show but she was too taken with emotion to speak.

She said: “Only briefly, I survived Grenfell Tower.”

Simon then asked her if her family are OK and said nodded, before he asked her to begin and she blew the audience away.

Audience members were seen wiping away tears and people at home were just as moved.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Well done #leanne you did #grenfell proud really lovely voice you’ve got #BGT”



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